Premium Afghan Hash


Premium Afghan Hash! *Gold seal stamp translated to “Yalla Habibi”**$20 delivery fee on orders under $60* *$10 delivery fee on orders under $80*

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Hashish is produced all over Afghanistan, including in and around the capital of Kabul. The finest types come from northern provinces sandwiched by the Hindu Kush and the Russian border (Balkh, Mazar-i-Sharif). You can buy Premium Afghan Hash at our online store.

Hashish is prepared from tiny and bushy Indica plants. After a little amount of tea or water, Hashish is hand-punched in Afghanistan. The Hashish is worked to make it more elastic and have a strong fragrance before being sent off. The product in Afghanistan is kept in the form of Hash-Balls (because a round ball has the least contact with air), however it must be pressed in 100g slabs before being exported. Stem autographs of producing families are considered excellent qualities.

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