Backwoods *Grape*


Flavour Grape. 5 cigars per pack.

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Backwoods Grape is a well-rounded cross with bright hues and a distinct flavor to match. Its strong genes contribute to the bag appeal of this bud. It wraps natural cigars and cigarillos in the United States, using its own unique packaging and appearance. Backwoods has been making Backwoods cigars since 1990. You can buy Backwoods Grape at our online store.

Backwoods grape has a distinctive fragrance while being prepared correctly. The citrus aroma is more pronounced, with a tangy edge. When you break up the solid buds, you get earthy and pine notes that make Bubba Kush such an appealing parent strain. The grape burns cleanly, leaving a pleasant light smoke that is popular among consumers when combusted. This smoke comprises of a complex and sour flavor on the exhale, which is simultaneously sweet and distinctive. The purple tinge of this strain is due to plant pigments rather than terpenes in the scent; rather, it’s because of different molecules with the name terpenes in the flower that give it its unique aroma.


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