Super Star QUAD *Indica*

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Super Star QUAD is a sativa-dominant hybrid that provides cognitive stimulation. It’s a cross between Exotic Genetix’s Supernatural and Starfighter, two of their own original strains. With a THC concentration of up to 23 percent, Super Star QUAD has psychoactive potency as well as some serious bag appeal.

Super Star QUAD lived up to its name with large, heavy blooms that cling together in chunky, spade-like forms. These buds have a firmly indica internal structure and a thick core built of wide, tightly coiled leaves. These leaves are a pale shade of sage green tinged with curly yellow and brown pistils. Finally, these flower’s translucent white trichomes make them extremely sticky and difficult to break apart without a grinder.

Flowers of Super Star QUAD have a pleasant citrus scent that includes notes of orange and berry. A second sniff may reveal woodsy, earthy scents as well. When these buds are ground up, however, they can give off a more herbal aroma, somewhat like tea. Combusting flowers from Super Star QUAD in a pipe or joint produces smoke with a smooth, fragrant burn that is typically mild on the tongue. This cannabis experience has fruity and floral tastes on the exhale.

The high from Super Star QUAD has a fast onset, with a strong pressure focused around the cheekbones and temples starting it off. Flushing in the face or an increase in saliva may be observed by some users. The head usually becomes affected first, raising the smoker’s attention to a cerebral level where otherwise uninteresting ideas might seem to acquire new depth or intrigue. Users may also have their ideas flitting about in the subconscious. As a result, Super Star QUAD’s early phases can aid well-motivated smokers in focusing on detailed and analytical tasks. Those who aren’t as interested in productivity, on the other hand, might appreciate the strain‘s mental buzz as an addition to otherwise routine chores like washing laundry or dishes.

Super Star QUAD’s physiological impact becomes apparent after an hour or so. As users feel physically calm and breathe more fully, the first mental edge of the high may dissipate. Sensory changes such as minor hearing problems or sense of time dilation might occur at this period; playing relaxing music or watching a trippy film may assist with this. Even if marijuana’s dreamy, sedated state is taken into account, Super Star QUAD leaves smokers’ minds clear and allows them to converse or complete basic activities. If the dose is increased, though, couch-lock becomes more likely, especially for persons who are already tired. Because of its gradual energy drop, Super Star QUAD is best enjoyed in the afternoon or early evening hours.

Its powerful qualities can be employed by medical cannabis users in a variety of ways. Its capacity to stimulate focus may assist those who have attention deficit problems in focusing on one activity at a time. Its mood-boosting effects might help relieve minor to moderate stress and sadness, according to some studies. The most important medical effects of cannabis are pain alleviation and increased appetite. In addition to these advantages, the strain may provide a variety of physical benefits. High doses of the plant can induce sleep and serve as an insomnia cure for individuals who are sufficiently quiet. Super Star QUAD is not suggested for those with a high risk of panic or those with a low THC tolerance because to its moderately high risks of anxiety and recursive thinking.

Super Star QUAD seeds are not available for purchase online, which may disappoint amateur growers. Clippings of the strain should be grown as “clones,” rather than seeds, according to those looking to cultivate it at home. They may be cultivated indoors or outdoors, although success outdoors is more common in a humid environment with daytime highs of 70 degrees Fahrenheit or above. Plants have a short and squat build with distinctive branching structures. When cultivated indoors, Super Star QUAD flowers between 9 and 10 weeks on average.

The Super Star QUAD hybrid is a versatile strain that may be enjoyed by both indica and sativa users, thanks to its long-lasting high that fades into soothing sedation. It’s fantastic on its own or with friends.

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