Walts Layer Cake Five Star Organic LSO Exotic *Hybrid*

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The Waltz Layer Cake is a well-known, high-powered indica-dominant cannabis strain that many growers have developed. It’s believed to have been bred from the vegetation of Swamp Boys Seeds. It’s a three-way cross between four strains that were developed in the nurseries of Swamp Boys Seeds and began its life as a cake with two or more layers and an insulating filling between them, technically speaking. Skunk, which is crossed with GMO (also known as Garlic Cookies), and Skunk are used to combine the Triangle Kush strain. To me, it sounds like a layer cake with a delicious filling layer of kief. The bright orange pistils and fuzzy golden trichomes set off against chunky fern-green leaves make up the Layer Cake nuggets. It’s suggested that you use a tray beneath when handling the buds because the kief content might be quite potent. You can buy Walts Layer Cake Five Star Organic LSO Exotic *Hybrid* at our online store.

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