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Smokedawg is a cross between Chemdawg 4 and Tres Dawg created in the Bay Area of California as a Sativa-dominant hybrid. It’s conceivable that the strain got its name from both the trichomes (which resemble STARS) and Chem/TresDAWG genetics. Smokedawg has high THC levels, with averages ranging from 16 to 22 percent.

The scent is musky, earthy, and has undertones of diesel fuel. Cannabis users enjoy the strong odor but may find it off-putting to novices and first-timers. Morning breath, a highway truck stop, skunk soup made from roadkill, and a vat full of chemicals have been compared to the scent.

The pungent, heady scents of dank cannabis are treasured by aficionados because they represent the potent, mind-altering effects of Smokedawg. Expect the plant to be thick and frosted with resin, making it difficult to differentiate from its dark green color with red/orange hairs.

Smokedawg is a medical cannabis strain that many people use to treat persistent pain, tension, or anxiety. To help persons gain weight, it relieves discomfort, cures digestive issues, and increases hunger. It’s used to aid individuals sleep at night or deal with the side effects of Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s Disease.

Because it’s a Sativa-dominant strain, those who have severe medical problems should take another form of cannabis that is more body melting and pain relieving. The smoke has a thick texture that some people find unpleasant in the mouth.

Users should be able to do everything from completing chores to touring shopping malls and working, all while taking tiny doses of this strain because it provides uplifting cerebral effects that may encourage the mind. Recreational users have reported feelings of spiritual exploration, which may be too powerful for novices. The Indica effects of the Skywalker OG cannabis strain linger for hours, making it ideal for daytime usage, such as a wake and bake. The Smokedawg has a reputation for lasting buzz times of two to three hours, which is longer than many strains – necessitating reapplication after an hour or two.

The plant produces buds in a variety of conditions, including indoors, outdoors, and even in greenhouses. In 8 weeks, the plant will bloom and produce a high yield. After harvesting, cure the buds in an air with low humidity to get the best effects.

The strain was developed in Los Angeles and is called Smokedawg. The cerebral effects are primarily sativa, whereas the indica effects are secondary. Medical users find the relaxing waves of pain relief and hunger stimulation to be therapeutic. It’s used by recreational consumers to wake and bake, have out-of-body spiritual experiences, or try to get stuff done – particularly artistic hobbies!

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