Sixth Sense – Microdosing tablets

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Sixth Sense – Microdosing tablets Penis Envy mushrooms are a species of magic mushrooms that are named after their extraordinary phallic shape. These mushrooms do, indeed, resemble a penis. This characteristic is said to be caused by a genetic mutation, giving the Penis Envy shrooms a thick, gnarly stem and oval-shaped cap. They are also known as psilocybe cubensis penis envy mushrooms. You can buy Sixth Sense – Microdosing tablets at our online store.

Penis Envy shrooms were said to have been developed a few decades ago by Terence McKenna, a famous mycologist, and author. They are one of the most potent kinds of magic mushrooms, with a high potency and a lengthy trip that can go on for many hours.

Psilocybin-containing magic mushrooms have several advantages. They’ve been found to help reduce stress, boost general happiness, and more. Despite the lack of hard evidence to support these anecdotal claims, there are a few small-scale studies that have been done as well as many others that are currently being conducted to examine the potential advantages of magic mushrooms in alleviating symptoms of various medical conditions.

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