Purple Tic Tac Strain

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The Purple Tic Tac Strain, a Supernova Gardens and now Canna Farms hybrid strain, is indica-dominant with an 80:20 indica to sativa ratio. Fans of either Grandaddy Purple or Larry OG will be overjoyed by the offspring of clever crossbreeding, which was created by crossing Granddaddy Purple with Larry OG.

The Purple Tic Tac Strain has the same physical effects as Larry OG, along with all of the tastes of GDP to create one fantastic bud! The world couldn’t get enough of Purple Tic Tac Strain in 2018, as it rose to popularity and cemented its status as a household name for many patients and cannabis enthusiasts alike.

The appealing purple Purple Tic Tac strain, which has a great flavor and deeply relaxing, sedating effects, is popular among cannaseurs since it induces a deep body melt sensation. The tendency of Purple Tic Tac to produce a deep abdominal melting may also provide relief from pain for a short period of time. Cannabis users with insomnia recommend this hybrid for its sleep-inducing qualities as well.

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