Black Diamond *Hybrid*

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Black Diamond, also known as Black Diamond OG and Black Diamond Kush, is an indica-dominant hybrid created by crossing a blend of Blackberry and Diamond OG, two well-known strains for their pungent flavor and scent.

The most important feature of Black Diamond is its high quantity of THC, as well as the distinct effects.

The Black Diamond strain‘s high is surprisingly modest, taking hold quickly but without much fanfare. Expect to experience an odd lack of weight in your limbs and a pleasant sensation, as well as an overpowering sense of calm and serenity.

There’s a feeling that quickly sets in, enticing you to attempt and sit down somewhere cozy – if you try Black Diamond when out somewhere new, you’ll be on your way home as fast as possible. The soothing sensation will have you making tracks home to get as comfortable as possible. Nothing can keep you from relaxing.

Black Diamond Specifications

  • Bud Size: Medium
  • Effects: Euphoria, Giggly, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing
  • Medical Usage: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Mood Swings, Nausea, Stress
  • Flavors: Berry, Grape, Herbal, Pine, Sweet, Woody
  • Aromas: Earthy, Grape, Pungent, Sweet
  • THC Content: 18%-24%
  • CBD Level: 1%
  • Genetics: Blackberry & Diamond OG
  • Type: 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
  • Adverse reactions (negative): Dry mouth, Paranoid, Dizzy, Dry eyes

Black Diamond Effects

Some individuals say it is due to the day-to-day hassles that prompted them to use marijuana. Others just want to relax. Regardless of the reason (or justification), Black Diamond is best consumed immediately after work.

Black Diamond, when used moderately, produces a mild yet obvious mental high that lifts your spirits. It may induce bouts of giggles and laughter in some people as it makes them feel both pleased and ecstatic. Black Diamond’s users are encouraged to be more productive while using the product.

Meanwhile, the uplifting sensation travels throughout the body. It induces deep relaxation in users as the physical effects begin to grow in intensity. It rarely causes a couch-lock. However, if one uses too much, everything is lost. With up to 26% THC, it will certainly have no trouble knocking out even experienced consumers because of its high potency.

Black Diamond Aroma

The Black Diamond strain has a deep berry aroma, similar to that of its Blackberry parentage. Rather than the strong acidity and tartness of Blackberry, however, Black Diamond has an underlying earthiness that smells rich, vibrant, and potent.

The same flavor assaults the nostrils when breaking up the buds, but it is somehow more profound and clearer than before, similar to browned sugar or nuts. This is the strain that smells almost rich and mahogany-like, although it isn’t really woody – it’s perhaps one of the closest marijuana strains to a top Cuban cigar.

It has a unique scent that is hard to describe without having smelled it, and other experienced marijuana smokers are fooled into believing you aren’t smoking real marijuana.

Black Diamond Flavor

The Black Diamond strain’s smoke begins with a somewhat charred toffee undercutting the strong berry taste on your tongue. The smoke, however, is considerably smoother and more gentle than one might expect, with such distinct tastes that they are quite similar to the draw of a luxurious, extremely pricey cigar.

The aftertaste is identical to its initial scent, with the addition of more prominent notes of mahogany and excellent hardwood.

Rather, despite its name, the Diamond OG has significantly less flavor from the OG variety than it does from its Blackberry parent.

However, it isn’t just the taste and fragrance that distinguish this strain from the rest; Black Diamond also has an interesting appearance.

Black Diamond Appearance

The flowers of the Black Diamond strain have an unusual quality in that instead of looking like typical marijuana plants, they are strangely long and curling, almost resembling a flat circle. This results in buds that look similar to their shape, with a very solid structure that is difficult to break down.

Black Diamond’s leaves are occasionally punctuated with purple gashes, which only appear if the plant is grown in extremely cold weather.

Finally, as with every other potent marijuana strain, Black Diamond is coated in a thick sheen of white trichomes that are both sticky and durable, making it difficult to pry open the buds.

THC Content – Highest Test

Black Diamond is a strain recognized for its strength, and it’s no surprise since it was developed in order to produce one of the best possible marijuana strains. Black Diamond was created around the concept of creating an sensational strain, with an average THC concentration of around 21% and a maximum reported level of around 24%.

Black Diamond is a powerful strain, one that has the ability to produce strong hallucinogenic effects if misused. Make sure you’re monitoring how much Black Diamond you’re taking because, like many other varieties of cannabis, it can quickly have you climbing the wall if not used properly.

With such a strong variety, you might anticipate it to have few CBD components in addition to its 24% THC levels.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Unfortunately, you’d be correct; as with most incredibly potent marijuana strains with THC levels over 20%, Black Diamond has virtually no CBD.

Although a few individuals may report amounts approaching 1% or somewhat higher, there is little CBD content in Black Diamond. In an average marijuana plant, only so much space is available for cannabinoid synthesis, thus CBD is frequently what suffers.

However, the Black Diamond strain’s lack of CBD does not negate its numerous other therapeutic advantages.

Black Diamond Medical Use and Benefits

Black Diamond may help people de-stress by providing uplifting and soothing bodily effects. When stress is lifted, it leaves a sense of joy in its place. As a result, it is an extremely important tool in the battle against depression.

When the physical symptoms begin to appear, Black Diamond aids in the relief of muscular aches and nausea. It can assist people who suffer from muscle spasms by relaxing and soothing muscles.

In the majority of cases, people feel drowsy during the comedown. As a result, it might be helpful to insomniacs.

Black Diamond Possible Side Effects

Black Diamond’s most notable and anticipated adverse effect is the typical dry mouth and dry eyes that accompany virtually every marijuana variety. The severity, on the other hand, is far greater with Black Diamond, necessitating you to keep a glass of water and perhaps even a moist dish towel on hand to assist combat the unpleasant driedness.

The most frequent reported adverse effect is an increase in paranoia; this is particularly likely to occur if you have a propensity to paranoid ideas or are a heavy smoker.

It’s worth noting that any paranoid feelings you get from taking Black Diamond too much are caused by overdosing on the stuff, so the best method to avoid this is to keep track of how much Black Diamond you’re taking.

As long as you just smoke enough to Get High or treat your medical issue, you should be safe.

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