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Indica strains have made their mark all across Pakistan in the country’s rich history. The green herb was formerly seen as a catalyst for spiritual enlightenment in religious settings. Meanwhile, its medical benefits are widely recognized and documented throughout the continent. Some ancient communities do, however, use Indicas recreationally as a euphoric experience, albeit somewhat rarely.

Unfortunately, things have changed lately. The formerly culturally integrated plant is now seen as a nuisance, especially in the wake of Pakistan’s success in the Hippie Trail in the 1960s and 1970s. Since then, the Pakistani authorities have taken a hard line against indigenous marijuana plants that grow throughout the region.

Some people have been able to bring in a few of the Indica varieties, and they continue to sell the plants despite significant changes in their DNA. Pine Tar is one such example: its tar-like buds and wood-flavored terpenes give it its name. When opened, the amber container fills the room with fragrance, but placing a bud in your hand leaves a sticky resin residue.

Pine Tar, unlike the rest of Pakistan’s landraces, is more powerful. The plant acquired a minor DNA alteration that increased THC levels (18% to 22%). As a result, it’s both a fantastic recreational drug and an excellent medical treatment.


Pine Tar’s effects take a few minutes to emerge. When it does, it starts with a pleasant mood change and subtle yet unrivaled sense of euphoria that comes along with it. The happy disposition is contagious, and users will giggle for no reason at all.

The best part of Pine Tar is its Indica effects, which are powerful. It begins with a subtle touch from the temples that buzzes down the back of the head. Most likely, a soothing sensation overcomes the muscles, causing limbs to feel heavy. It’s both relaxing and sedative at the same time.

The energizing effect of cannabis can result in one becoming immobile if consumed outside of one’s limits. In moderation, the effects are pleasantly tension relieving.

It’s only a matter of time before people fall asleep, basking in profound silence. As a result, Pine Tar should be avoided on busy days since it can significantly dampen output.


Pine Tar is a sensory treat. Its fresh pine with subtle hints of sweet citrus is invigorating. It’s got undertones of earth and overtones of skunk when broken down or combusted.


Pine Tar has scents of freshly picked citrus and little undertones of damp earth. The sweetness is balanced by a woody pine on the exhale, which leaves a skunky aftertaste.

Adverse Reaction

When smoking Pine Tar, having a glass of water nearby is always beneficial. Cannabinoids generally stifle the generation of moisture. Users are likely to get cottonmouth and drying eyes as a result of cannabinoids.

However, using either alcohol or caffeine to reduce the bud can make things worse. It may even induce a condition called greening out, characterized by a mild nausea headache. In the most severe cases, it might cause users to become anxious and worried.

Fortunately, this is a rare condition that affects only those who underestimate their THC tolerance. As a result, the golden rule of never exceeding one’s tolerance should be adhered to.


Pine Tar is a strain of cannabis with a long and illustrious history as an important part of Pakistani healing practices. While its therapeutic relevance is well established, it was not until recently that the plant’s chemical components were demonstrated to be genuinely beneficial.

It’s also important to remember that THC is the best cannabis oil for insomnia. CBD has a soothing effect, while THC is an effective remedy for sleeplessness and tension. For example, its strong amounts of THC provide a happy high that can help people dealing with stress on a regular basis. Simultaneously, it relieves symptoms of depression including overwhelming anxiety and feelings of despair while temporarily decreasing them.

Pine Tar is effective in stimulating the mind, which helps to control hunger. As a result, Pine Tar is best consumed an hour or two before a meal. It relaxes the stomach and makes food move more freely through it. This may be useful for those who have difficulty eating or are undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

THC is a natural painkiller in addition to being a mood enhancer. It soothes bodily pains and aches including cramps and sudden muscular contractions.

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