Petroleum Biscotti *Hybrid*

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Petroleum Biscotti is a hybrid strain created by Cali connection, Biscotti, and Purple Caper’s Cookie F2. This cannabis strain has sativa and Diesel-leaning growing characteristics including tall plants and a fast flowering period, thanks to its mix of OG Kush and Cookies tastes and effects. You can buy Petroleum Biscotti *Hybrid* at our online store.

Many people enjoy Petroleum Biscotti for medicinal cannabis consumers due to its ability to relieve chronic pain symptoms including fibromyalgia. The endocannabinoid system is thought to aid with the body’s pain responses by combining THC and caryophyllene.

An additional possible Petroleum Biscotti medical benefit comes in the form of support in alleviating depression and symptoms of depression-related disorders. Heightening mood, potentially aiding sleep, and generally assisting in counteracting the effects of sporadic and long-term bouts of depression and depressive episodes.

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