NY Kush *Indica*

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NY Kush is a new strain on the marijuana market that has caused quite a stir since it was popularized in 2015. It is an Indica dominant strain with an unknown THC count and parentage, though there is most certainly some Afghan parentage in its lineage. It is not the easiest strain of weed to find but there are only good reports from those who have tried it. THC levels are estimated to be in the range of 16-20% but there are no lab tests. NY Kush is a beautiful looking strain, a very bright green with thick orange hairs. It has a strong sweet smell and is held to be s soft smoke with a pleasant flavor. The high is very clearheaded so this is not an Indica strain that will knock people out. However, it is a creeper so is to be treated with a little bit of caution. Despite the dominant Indica genes, NY Kush delivers a focused, energized, and largely cerebral high. What distinguishes this strain most is its smell, which is not unpleasant but is quite strong and distinct.

As a moderately potent Indica dominant strain, NY Kush is effective for the treatment of pain, insomnia, anxiety and eating disorders. It is also rumored to be effective for the treatment of certain back pains from anecdotal evidence. This strain is not readily found in many medical dispensaries. In small doses, this strain can be energizing, making it useful for daytime use. But in larger doses, it will most likely result in sleep and couchlock.

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