Pink Ultra *Indica*

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Pink Ultra is a strong cerebral Indica strain with ultra-intense cerebral effects. It’s produced by crossing the Indica MK ULtra and Pink Kush strains. It’s an indoor plant that produces moderately large yields and is short in stature. Its leaves are green in color with shades of brown and orange, giving it a leafy appearance. You can buy Pink Ultra *Indica* at our online store.

The THC level of Pink Ultra is 24-30 percent. It has a strong and peculiar odor that’s a combination of diesel, skunk, and dirt tastes. Pink Ultra is a highly powerful strain with an intense and off-putting odor. It’s well-known for its hypnotic abilities, which make you feel sleepy right away. It may help you unwind the rest of the day by relaxing your nerves and making you drowsy. Pink Ultra is primarily used to relieve muscular aches and pains as well as minor to severe pain.

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