Pine Tar *Indica*

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The true legends never perish, and because Pine Tar Kush is a direct descendant of Pakistani landrace plants, you may trust that every time you smoke it, you’re in for a genuine treat. This pure indica strain from Old Dreams Genetics will make you feel wonderful each and every night as part of their mysterious group.

With a relatively average potency of 20 percent, this strain is great for everyone from novices to experts. The tiny and round silhouettes on this bud are encrusted in golden trichomes and covered with a lot of sticky resin. This bud, as the name implies, has an almost overpowering amount of pine flavor and smell to it, but it’s tempered with some skunk and citrus to bring things up a bit. If you like your marijuana more sweet or fruity, this lady isn’t your cup of tea.

A pure indica strain will provide some spectacular effects during her high. A sensation of euphoria will overwhelm you at first, accompanied by a measure of mental concentration that may come in handy when doing last-minute chores throughout the day. However, a buzzing in the back of your head will creep down your neck and into each of your limbs over time, leading to complete relaxation while also providing some giggles. Sleep will arrive soon, but before you go to sleep, make sure to fill up on snacks so you don’t have any temptations later on.

Pine Tar Kush might help with a variety of medical problems, including nausea and hunger pangs. Her pleasant personality makes dealing with stress and depression at the end of a long day much easier. After taking a few tokes of this powerful strain, pain throughout the body, such as cramps and headaches, tend to go away.

In general, landrace strains are hardy plants that make excellent additions to a home garden. Pine Tar Kush can withstand extremely hot and humid conditions, but it may also be cultivated indoors. Even if you don’t have much room, this indica is great since her plants remain quite small after full maturity. With little work, Pine Tar Kush may provide a large harvest in as little as 7 to 9 weeks for home growers.

If you enjoy indica marijuana and want to try something historically significant, give Pine Tar Kush a go the next time you’re looking for something unique. Like with all powerful strains, be careful about how much you consume and prepare snacks in advance. Perhaps some pillows and blankets are also required because you’ll most likely fall asleep before long.

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