HOG shatter


We carry numerous strains of finest shatter the city has to offer!*$20 delivery fee on orders under $60* *$10 delivery fee on orders under $80*

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The House of Glass is a local, Vancouver-based producer of high-quality extracts that was founded in 1994 and specializes in pharmaceutical grade shatter (75-90% THC). With the goal of quality and unrivaled expertise in the manufacture of concentrates, House Of Glass cleans all residual solvent away with extended distillation, curing, and vacuum purging. They offer an endless number of strains to select from, as well as our cannabis craft house is continuously striving to develop new ones. You can buy HOG shatter at our online store.

This shatter has a high level of concentration, so only a tiny quantity is required to have an impact. This ensures a clean encounter and a safe alternative to smoking. We recommend that you take it easy if this is your first time trying an extract since you may not be used to the strength of the substance.


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