Gorilla OG *Indica*

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Gorilla OG is a unique strain that comes from unknown breeders and has the potential to become a high-end bud in no time. Due to some of the tales about her ancestry, many people call her Gorilla Mango, though her origins are somewhat hazy. The majority feel that Gorilla Glue #4 is behind it, but whether OG Cookies or Mango Kush is the other parent remains a mystery.

Gorilla OG is packed with 22% THC, which makes her a potent strain. Round nugs are a dusty green color and have almost clear hairs and copious amounts of resin, all of which is accompanied by extensive trichome coverage. Flavors of mango aren’t as powerful as they appear, although hints of leather, earth, diesel, and spices contribute to the taste and aroma profile, giving it a feel that is opulent to say the least.

The high of Gorilla OG builds slowly and induces a feeling of euphoria that lasts for hours. When her effects fully take hold, your mind and body will be buzzing, thoughts may not be as clear as they were a few hours ago, and the most noticeable aspect of your experience will be the strong sensation of couch lock. Get yourself ready ahead of time with a blanket, pillow, and lots of food within arm’s reach to avoid becoming trapped in the sofa.

Gorilla OG is a popular choice for medical conditions because of her strength, which overwhelms all sorts of issues with ease. Insomnia is usually at the top of the list, as most consumers find themselves so exhausted after a few tokes that they fall asleep no matter how hard they try to fight it. This bud makes physical pain very manageable, and your euphoric mood will keep any unpleasant thoughts related with stress or sadness at bay.

This strain is so far a success, with the exception of home cultivation. Gorilla OG doesn’t come with an instruction manual, and because her breeders are hidden, no one knows exactly what she needs. Some people suggest a 7 to 9 week flowering duration, but others believe that her production is insufficient.

Gorilla OG is the strain to use when you’ve had a tough day and need to numb yourself to the world. Potent enough to send you into a state of bliss without being overpowering for novice users, this strain can be described as a milder version of GG#4. Overall, we’d argue that’s an excellent sales pitch.

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