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Gods Gift is a specific strain of premium blonde Amsterdam-style soft hash. It has an incredibly odd and lovely scent. This is one of the staff favourites. You can get Gods Gift Hash at our online store.

God’s Gift is an Indica strain that earned acclaim in California dispensaries in 2005, taking first prize for best Indica at the 2015 Bio Cannabis Cup. It’s a cross between Granddaddy Purp and OG Kush, with a flowering period of roughly 8-9 weeks. This premium blonde hash from the Netherlands was created from God’s Gift plant. The hash is made by first drying the God’s Gift buds. When they are fully dried, they are crushed, resulting in a very smooth and sweet hash with a distinctive smell and taste of sweet caramel, spicy funk, and classic Amsterdam toffee and pepper when exhaled. It’s a light blonde hash that has been pressed from high-quality dry-sift from God’s Gift flowers. To make hash, dry flowers are sieved to separate the trichomes; the resultant dry powder is compressed into hash. The color is pale blondish-brown with a soft crumbly texture.

God’s Gift Hash has effects that are comparable to those produced by a joint rolled with the bud, although the high is less intense. The CBD level distinguishes hash from weed in that it creates a more subtle high than marijuana generally produces. Whether you smoke, vape, or prepare edibles with it, hash has an aroma similar to that of cannabis buds.

God’s Gift cannabis is a potent Indica with a potency that can reach up to 27% THC in dried flower form. Because the dried plant may reach as much as 27% THC, you can anticipate this high-quality hash to be extremely potent, as well. If you’re new to hash, don’t use it in the quantities you’d consume dried bud. Hash doesn’t burn very well, so combine it with some bud and make a joint or crumble it over a bowl for more seasoned users; dabb Rigs or vaporizers

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