Romeo Afghan Hash

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The Romeo Afghan Hash is a new and high-quality import. It has a dark brown outer layer that goes well with its soft malleable texture, making it simple to work with. This premium hash was handled with care by specialists and produced flawlessly. The ideal humidity level was used to cure the product, resulting in a highly fragrant, pliable end result with lots of THC content. Sweet and earthy in flavor with just the right amount of woody nuances to match the scent. You can buy Romeo Afghan Hash at our online store.

Afghan hash (hashish) is a popular drug in Afghanistan, and it is made almost everywhere in the country. It is a custom for Afghan hash (hashish) to be produced almost everywhere in and around Afghanistan. The finest Hash comes from northern provinces located between the Hindu Kush and the Russian border.

The effects are almost narcotic and provide a very physical and rocky high. It’s fantastic to combine it with marijuana or smoke it in a pipe.

It’s simple to underestimate Afghani, since a full high only lasts about 5 minutes; As a result, please exercise caution when smoking and always start low and go slow!

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