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Bude Where’s My Bike is a popular Sativa-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis known as WMB. This strain is a cross of the extremely popular Amnesia and Biker Kush strains, both of which are from Amsterdam. THC levels in this variety average 26%, with the high and low ends unknown. There’s also no information on whether or not WMB has any CBD levels. Despite its European birthplace, this plant has been seen across the pond by many people because many cannabis consumers report running into it at their local dispensary.

Bude Where’s My Bike is a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain that resembles most other Sativa-dominant strains of marijuana in terms of size, fluffiness, and overgrowth. The buds are typically a drab green color with fuzzy orange hairs sparsely sprinkled across the surface. The bud is swaddled in a thick fleece blanket made up of milky-white trichomes that will undoubtedly get even the most seasoned user high. This bud has an earthy scent, herbs, and spice with berry spread evenly throughout. The flavor of the bud expands on the aroma as a distinct and varied flavor profile is created during its burning. Most people noted that Bude Where’s My Bike tastes similar to someone chewing an entire pack of bubble gum before throwing in a variety of kitchen spices for taste. Despite this odd description, smokers from all around the world have praised the taste as being unusual and surprisingly delicious.

Although the name is likely to catch your attention when browsing the shelves of cannabis at your local dispensary, it is a correctly named strain. When you smoke Bude Where’s My Bike, you’re likely to forget everything else in your mind, including where you hung your bike up. The majority of users have only one word for this sensation: “stupid high.” This strain is recognized for its capacity to rapidly expand your intellect while keeping your body locked on the sofa in a condition of continuous restfulness. This hazy, cerebral high is guaranteed to have your mind racing from beginning to end, as euphoric and blissful thoughts flit through your head. Although this strain isn’t nearly as sedative as other Indica-dominant strains, its physical unwinding should not be overlooked. This strain is effective at distracting users from negative and recursive ideas, making it ideal for those who suffer from depression and anxiety as well as chronic stress. Many consumers have used this marijuana strain to help them relax after a long, mentally challenging day. It’s not advised to consume this cannabis drug during the day because the hazy cerebral high might lead to a variety of problems including a car accident.

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