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Extracts from the FLO provide high-quality cannabis products to those in need. They are always looking for new methods to improve the cannabis experience for an ever-growing number of consumers in the market. They have made a solemn vow to their clients that they would never cease developing new ideas. You can get Juliet Afghan Hash at our website. At our online store, you may buy Distillate Cartridge Pods by FLO. You can buy Distillate Cartridge Pods by FLO – Vape Pens at our online store.

FLO’s Cartridge Pods for Distillate are made with the Pink Kush strain. Pink Kush is a well-known indica-dominant hybrid that provides energizing effects. Hybrids have a tendency to produce both mental and physical effects, so plan your day accordingly. This strain has a stronger flavor and burns more like an indica than a sativa when smoked while sleeping quickly afterward

FLO’s Vape-Pod system, which is customized to their own line of vaporizers, is incorporated into the pods to significantly improve the performance of typical 510 pens. The traditional 510 vape pen was intended to be used to vaporize nicotine rather than cannabis, but FLO’s Vape-pod system was developed from the bottom up to be the ideal way to vaporize your cannabis extracts.

The FLO Pod vaporizer is a new type of ultra-lightweight, cutting-edge cannabis vaporizer in the same line as the 510 Thread. The pod itself is made up of two parts: instead of threaded vape tanks, FLO pod refills fit together and form an airtight seal, ensuring that each puff delivers the maximum amount of vapour possible.

Available flavours for Distillate pods:

  • Blueberry Pie : 1ml – THC:90.27% – CBD:1.59%
  • Pine Apple : 1ml – THC:88.13% – CBD:1.22%


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