DANK Premium Hash

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Hash is found in abundance throughout Afghanistan and surrounding countries. The greatest kinds of Hash come from the northern provinces near the Hindu Kush and Russian border (Balkh, Mazar-i-Sharif). You can buy DANK Premium Hash at our online store.

Hash may be eaten, brewed into a beverage such as bhang, or smoked. Hash has traditionally been chewed or infused into beverages like bhang, which is an ancient Indian drink. Hash can also be burned alone or used to complement normal cannabis flowers. Hash can also be vaporized on a hot surface, known as dabbing, to produce cannabis extracts that melt. Screens are frequently utilized when dabbing hash since some resins leave carbon residue and do not fully melt or melt at all. High-quality hash oils (not to be confused with solvent extracts), such as full melt dry sift and full melt ice water hash, which have the capacity to completely dissolve onto a nail, leaving no residues are in the opposite end of the spectrum.

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