Real Imported Mazar Sharif Afghan Hash


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Sieved “Milk of Mazar” garda is not too greasy and has a little less color. It’s very resinous, making it easy to hand-press charas from it; it has a wonderfully fragrant, sweet aroma and a dreamily relaxing high. Overindulgence causes an intoxicating, mind-warping, immobilizing effect. When people want something special, they usually buy Mazar Sharif Afghan Hash. It’s smooth, rich dark brown in color with a heavenly taste. Hash Heads will most certainly enjoy this product. When you open your envelope, the air will be filled with a fragrant combination of vanilla and herbs. The hash itself is a rich chocolate brown colour. You can buy Real Imported Mazar Sharif Afghan Hash at our online store.

The greatest Mazar Sharif Afghan Hash come from the northern Afghan provinces. With excellent potency, this region has been well known for consistently high quality hashish.

It has the remarkable ability to absorb moisture from the air and mold itself. It is also very soft and bendable, making it simple to work with. The strength of this hash is nothing to scoff at; it’s effects are almost narcotic-like. Expect a strong, physical high with a lot of body interaction. Mazar Sharif Afghan Hash is an excellent addition to joints! In order for this hash to retain its potency, store it in a cool location away from direct sunlight. Veteran users should try this hash out.

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