Blue Sky *Hybrid*

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The indica-dominant Blue Sky is a sedative strain with a stunning bag appeal. Although its creators are unknown, it’s a cross between LSD and flavor-engineered Rocky Mountain Blueberry, according to High Times. This strain combines the physical relaxation of its parent strains with a nuanced spicy berry taste profile that attracts indica users. Blue Sky is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that mixes the euphoric effects of its parent strains with a complex spicy berry flavor profile. THC levels in Blue Sky range from 13% to 19 percent.

Blue Sky distinguishes itself from other blue strains by producing medium to big buds with a tapered, spade-like form, which is in keeping with the unusual parent strain LSD’s strangely triangular flowers. The plant’s leaves stay together in the dense and hard bud structure typical of mostly indica types. Leaves are a mossy green with red pistils that run through them. Blue Sky is a versatile color, which can be found in many different forms. Many phenotypes of Blue Sky have patches of blue in their leaves; these lively hues are the consequence of pigments called anthocyanins in the plant’s genetics. When temperatures drop below average, these pigments cause blues and purples to appear, much like autumn chlorophyll levels declining causes leaves to change color. These already-colorful blooms are suffused with translucent silvery trichomes that give them a sticky sensation.

Flowers of Blue Sky, when properly dried, have a wonderful blueberry tang derived from Rocky Mountain Blueberry. There are also some herbal and piney notes present that keep the fruit odor from being overly sweet. Grinding or breaking up the flowers creates musky and earthy undertones. Blue Sky burns with a mild smoke that is fruity and slightly floral on the exhale when combusted. Those anticipating blue flowers to taste like grapes may be disappointed, however – the terpenes that determine the bud’s flavor have no connection to the pigments that make it blue.

For an indica, Blue Sky takes only a few minutes to appear. It starts as a strong pressure around the eyes and temples, which is quickly followed by an increase in the senses: sights, sounds, and even tastes developing new dimensions (and in fact smokers may be particularly drawn on this strain’s taste combinations since it can be a powerful hunger stimulant). Blue Sky has a calming influence, but it also creates free-associative thinking. This hazy mentality makes Blue Sky an ideal strain for watching a trippy film or engaging in a rambling and giggling conversation with some good friends. Finally, Blue Sky leaves its users relaxed if not entirely incapacitated, making it perfect for socializing or unwinding. Enjoy this bud during the afternoon or early evening; just don’t expect to be productive after smoking it.

Blue Sky may have a wide range of medical cannabis applications. Its ability to induce somatic relaxation can soothe pains and aches, whether they’re long-term or acute. Some anti-inflammatory effects might also aid in the relief of headaches and nausea. Blue Sky’s overall relaxing vibe might help people with stress and depression symptoms get through their difficult times. Because it is unlikely to cause paranoid, obsessive thinking, this strain may be an ideal choice for individuals who are prone to anxiety or have a low THC tolerance.

Blue Sky was not developed or stabilized by a commercial breeder. As a result, prospective producers must acquire clippings from reputable breeders to grow genetically identical “clones.” Although there is little information available about specific methods for Blue Sky’s cultivation, we do know that it can be cultivated indoors or outside in a warm, semi-humid environment. Those who wish to emphasize the strain’s unique blue hues should expose their plants to cold (but not below freezing) temperatures just before blooming begins.

Take a leaf from this strain’s name and have fun while picnicking or sitting beneath a clear blue sky. If that isn’t your thing, Blue Sky is enjoyable to relax with at home and unwind after a long day of working.

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