Banana Milk *Hybrid*

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Banana Milk is a cross of Banana OG X Purple Punch F2 strains that is indica dominant (75% indica/25% sativa). This bud’s name says it all when it comes to taste. Banana Milk has a sweet and creamy milky flavor that’s complemented by fresh ripe banana and exotic candy and fruit notes. The fragrance is quite similar, with a sweet tropical banana overtone accentuated by spicy grapes and a sugary aftertaste that grows in sweetness as the buds are consumed.

The Banana Milk high comes on fast and lands in the head first, bringing a sense of euphoria and calm. You’ll feel a boost in your spirits, which will help you feel happier and more content. A soothing physical high follows, putting you into a state of deep relaxation where you become rather drowsy before you realize it. Banana Milk is a unique strain with a sedative effect that is particularly soothing to the body. It’s famous for having a high THC content of 19-20%. Banana Milk plants have fat, oversized pepper-shaped forest green nugs studded with vivid orange hairs and covered in tiny milky green crystal trichomes.


This strain is recognized for its fruit and dessert-like fragrance, and it’s kept true to the Banana Milk name. Although Banana Milk buds have a compacted structure, they nevertheless have an identifiable distinctiveness that is owing to their parental line. Banana milk available on the internet. As a result, buy Banana milk online, banana milk in the UK, or Canada’s version of this legendary bud.

Taste and Smell

The flavor of this cannabis is its most well-known characteristic. It has a very fruity flavor profile that combines the tastes of berries, bananas, and grapes with some flowery undertones. The scent is comparable to the taste – mostly fruity with some flowery nuances. Banana Milk is a highly valued strain among cannabis enthusiasts because of its taste and fragrance combination.

Effects of the Strain

This strain combines the effects of Indica and Sativa, producing a well-balanced high that induces euphoria, relaxation, and creativity. After smoking this cannabis, users become giggly. The body enters into a relaxing state after some time, at which point people begin to feel drowsy.

This strain has anti-inflammatory, sedative, and psychoactive properties that make it effective for treating chronic pain and depression. It can also be beneficial to individuals suffering from insomnia. If Banana Milk is consumed in excess, as with many other hybrid strains, it may induce headaches and paranoia.

Medical Benefits

Banana Milk strain, medically speaking, is recognized to aid with severe sleeping difficulties. Banana Milk is also known for its effectiveness in treating depression. Depression is a lot more common than people think and most individuals will never know they have it. As a result, only medical experts can authenticate this Banana Milk strain. Banana Milk cannabis is likewise well-known for its ability to cure cancer as well as other diseases. In Australia, you may get Banana Milk strain.

Growing Information

It’s simple to produce cannabis from its seeds. The blooming period is between 75 and 83 days, and it may be cultivated both indoors and outside. Because the yield outdoors is greater than indoors, if you have space, sow the seeds outside.

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