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Alien OG *Hybrid*

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Alien OG Marijuana Strain

50% Indica / 50% Sativa Hybrid

Alien OG (also called Alien OG Kush) is a Hybrid marijuana strain with an astronomical THC level, frequently approaching 28% in tests. This potency makes it popular in the medical community, especially for those with more severe conditions. This strain will leave marijuana consumers feeling relaxed and happy.
There’s something so appealing about strain names that relate to space or other cosmic matters, and Alien OG is no different. Not only will its name capture you from the get-go, but its potent buds will also lock you in, transporting you into outer space with its powerful, medicinal abilities. Widely popular throughout California because of its insanely high THC content, this cannabis strain has a way of mixing the best of both indica and sativa into one wonderful package.

Bred by combining the genetics of the hybrid Tahoe OG Kush and the indica Alien Kush, Alien OG offers the best of both worlds, possessing a 50% indica, 50% sativa makeup. First appearing in the Bay Area of California, growers could initially only cultivate this cannabis strain with a clone, but that soon changed as word got around about Alien OG’s amazing benefits. Eventually, Cali Connection began selling seeds to plant Alien OG, leading to the spread of this strain to areas that originally lacked its presence. Aside from its interesting back story, many individuals are curious about the strain’s high yields, potent high, and refreshing flavor.


Smelling similar to other OG strains with a woody and citrusy aroma, it becomes clear that Alien OG took on the genetics of its Tahoe OG Kush relative in terms of smell and taste. You can expect many earthy notes from this marijuana type, as well as hints of lemon and pine.


The way Alien OG tastes is much like its aroma; strong notes of pine, lemon, and earth coat the taste buds. This natural flavor is actually quite grounding and balancing; not overwhelming the senses, yet still leaving an impact on the consumer. The smoke itself is smooth and velvety on the inhale and won’t hit your lungs too hard towards the exhale, so you can blaze cough-free. If you’re a fan of the way other OG Kush strains taste, you’ll definitely enjoy Alien OG, too.


Featuring dense, round buds, the look of Alien OG nuggets is quite classic, with rich, deep green sugar leaves and extremely curly, orange pistils. These pistils aid in the pollination process and are closely packed together. Due to the high THC content of Alien OG, it possesses an intensely frosty, very sticky coating, the trichome layer vouching for the strain’s strength. This also gives the strain its gorgeous, cosmic-looking glimmer, complementing the extraterrestrial name.

Highest Test

Although the average THC content for Alien OG sits somewhere between 20-25%, tests have measured numbers of more than 28%, which means this cannabis strain has one of the greatest potencies on the market. Because the cannabis world is so focused on developing stronger strains, we suspect that Alien OG will continue to be bred to be even more powerful.

Highest Test

Don’t expect to receive much CBD from Alien OG. The highest tests measure this strain’s CBD content at a mere 0.1%, which is something, but still nothing truly notable. If you’re desiring a cannabis-type with a greater CBD content there are many options that could greater suit your needs, including Cannatonic, ACDC, Harle-Tsu, Pennywise, Charlotte’s Web, Canna-Tsu, Harlequin, and Ringo’s Gift, just to name a few. Alien OG is a far better source of THC than CBD, so it should be consumed by those who desire the medicinal benefits of tetrahydrocannabinol.


Alien OG tends to be mentally stimulating with a cerebral high, yet still deeply relaxing for the body, which really expresses how it is suitable for a wide range of individuals. This cannabis strain possesses a distinct blend of the indica and sativa sides, offering a melting relaxation towards the end of the high while keeping the brain sharp, alert, and creative. At the same time, you can expect to feel more joyous and happy, sinking into a state of heavy bliss. For some, Alien OG makes the perfect strain for getting at-home work done, especially if you have more tasks to complete even once you’ve left the office.
This is because this cannabis type finds a way to relieve the body of physical tensions and stress, while also transporting the mind into a productive, creative, and sharp headspace, which is exactly what you need to concentrate and complete projects after-hours. It is impressive how this strain is able to target both the mind and body separately, impacting both parts in different, desirable ways.

Medical Benefits

Due to its relaxing, buzzy impact on the body and its stimulating, creative effect on the mind, you can imagine that Alien OG would hold quite a few medical uses. Physically, Alien OG works hard to relieve headaches, pain, fatigue, nausea, lack of appetite, and stress, yet at the same time it can also chill you out in the evening and help you fall deep asleep. It really depends upon what time of day you’re consuming this marijuana type, along with what your body is needing to flourish in that given moment.

Mentally, Alien OG is stimulating, yet it can still be utilized for anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD, and ADHD/ADD. Although it may seem confusing how this one contradictory plant might be able to produce all these different results, Alien OG just has a way of communicating with your body and understanding what it desires the most.

If you struggle with depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, stress, insomnia, pain, headaches, fatigue, lack of appetite, or nausea and are searching for an herbal alternative to conventional options, the Alien OG cannabis strain may be able to provide some relief and assistance. Popular because of its multidimensional uses, along with its potent THC content and massive yields, Alien OG has grown to become a fan favorite not just in California, but all over the world as well.

Strain spotlight

Additional information


  • Bud Size: Medium
  • Effects: Euphoria, Happy, Uplifted, Relaxing, Sleepy
  • Medical Usage: Stress, Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia
  • Flavors: Earthy, Lemon, Pine, Spicy, Sweet, Woody
  • Aromas: Lemon, Pine, Pungent, Skunky
  • THC Content: 20%-28%
  • CBD Level: < 1%
  • CBN Level: < 0.1%
  • Genetics: Tahoe OG Kush and Alien Kush
  • Type: 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
  • Adverse reactions (negative): Dry mouth, Paranoid, Dizzy, Dry eyes, Headache


  1. Bam Dork

    Definitely sat me back in my chair…very euphoric and my thoughts seemed to wonder delightfully from tangent to tangent – might impede on any responsibility one may have for the hour after using but highly recommended for personal reflection or introspection – I think an artist would really enjoy this strain, especially in concentrate form!

  2. Jasper Cali

    Just got this strain in from San Jose. And it’s probably the best tasting weed and the best high I’ve gotten out of my 4 years of smoking all day everyday.

  3. Maddie

    I got some of this after the most agitating day at work I’ve had in awhile. It’s a great way to come home and smoke some of this. Has a piney smell to it and an earthy taste. After just 2 hits and about 5-10 minutes, it’s staring to kick in already. It starts with a light headedness, but you begin feeling happier too. After each hit, the cherry wouldn’t stay lit. Lately, I’ve been getting some where it keeps rolling after. I personally prefer relighting after each hit since I like to give it time to kick in before my next hit. When it’s still lit, I kinda feel obligated to keep going. Anyway, I was 5 hits in when I decided I was satisfied with how I felt. It became a very euphoric, relaxed feeling. I head inside to eat before bed. It didn’t really give me munchies or anything. This was just my average dinner. I head in, eat my Chinese food and I’m feeling ready for bed. It doesn’t matter if I’ll be hungry in another hour. I know I’ll be out by then after that session. After cleaning up, I finished the bowl off. With the day I had, I needed that. I lay down in bed after and I’m instantly relaxed and falling asleep. Before falling asleep, I started thinking. One of my favorite things to do while high is fall asleep while letting my brain wonder. With this stuff, I started wondering why it was called Alien OG. Got my mind onto aliens, and holy crap. My mind was running through outer space and aliens giving me a crazy alien related dream. That’s definitely a story for somewhere else though. I won’t get into that here. After waking up, I felt pretty tired still. I laid in bed for a minute and once I started waking up, I felt much better. It didn’t really dry my mouth out. It more just left it kinda mucusy. Didn’t really need a drink to get my mouth moisturized. More just to get the mucus taste out. This is definitely one of my favorite strains for medication since I started keeping track. I’ll be on the lookout for it once it’s legalized in Ohio and I get my prescription. It helps really well with the back pain and stress from work. I guarantee if you’re pissed off or upset about anything that happened in your day, this stuff will help out for sure.

  4. Ryan Mcguire

    I am very new to smoking pot and I have to say the stuff scared me. It took so long for it to hit me over an hour so I took more every 30 minutes to try to get it to work and then once It did hit me it absolutely scared me and made me very paranoid I had to go lay down. It could be that I don’t have a tolerance but I definitely did not like the feeling. Way too strong.

  5. Gaven Nash

    Strong smelling pine excellent taste will put you in a zone quick and have your imagination take over and become overly self aware could be awkward in social settings for first time users.

  6. Demon Buzz

    I am a daily smoker and this strain just mind raped me. It was like a swirling storm of ideas and sensations in my head. Every thought was disassembled and finely tuned…then just as quickly forgotten and moving on to the next thing. The body high is melty but I would not recommend this if you need to pay attention to anything. This one is quite powerful, intense and all encompassing. The perfect weed for situations where you can zone out and contemplate for long periods of time.

  7. Rolando Cuevas

    Really good, always gave me a dry mouth but well worth it. Tastes quite earthy.

  8. Alfa Romeo

    Alien OG [H] (Tahoe OG Kush [H] x Alien Kush [I]) method- flower in bong effects- relaxed, euphoric, focussed, uplifted for- stress, pain, depression, insomnia, headaches smell- pine! lemon! wow! taste- earthy, lemon all the way. look- looks okay, very orange, small calyxs, darker greens, inside sparkling spaced trychomes, tight and compact but light and breaks up airy still. > high in limonene and CBG, this slightly indica dominant heavy hitter reaches 28% thc levels. sooo so lemony and piney, the OGs are evident. smells like a sour lemonhead candy, tastes like an earthy lemon exhale and stays in your throat. strong throat hit even out of a clean bong, a little harsh. surprised me overall Look [6/10] Taste [8/10] Smell [7.5/10] Lineage [8.5/10] High [7.5] 37.5/50 (a real solid rating on my scale, I will get this strain again)

  9. Prego Kiki

    I really enjoyed this strain. It’s just as described, with the great tastes, smells and benefits. Had so much fun with this strain I had to place another order.. The night will be a fun one with the Alien.

  10. Louis Barry

    My go to strain in the mornings to get my day started without the anxiety.

  11. Nerd

    By far, one of the better strains I have smoked. It gives a nice cerebral high followed by a mellow body high. Perfect for relaxing after a long day. Wouldn’t recommend smoking if you got shit to do though, as couch lock definitely sits in after a while. This strain seems to have amazing arousal properties too. The old lady and I were going through a bit of a dry spell and since we got some Alien OG, the dry spell is over. I would definitely recommend.

  12. Brooklynn Hart

    This is hands down my favorite strain. I’ve been smoking regularly for a few years now, and never has a strain given me the same level of stoned in just the first rip as Alien OG. This strain is perfect if you just want to chill around, or if you have errands to run. The high always gives me a similar feeling of reality as skyrim if that makes sense. Like you feel in a different world, a video game world. It makes otherwise simple chores into epic quests and you are ready to take on the world. I only recommend this strain to those who are ready to take it to the next level.

  13. Daydream

    This strain is bangin’. Got a quart and smoked in all in a few days. Great stuff. Never been more relaxed and happy than when smoking this strain. Made me feel like I was constantly bouncing on the balls of my feet, it was great.

  14. Muscles

    Really good tasting honeycomb , used my gpen and it was amazing the effect was almost instant ! Really good if you’re just trynna kick back and relax .

  15. Haiden Hines

    OG is pretty solid. Rough smell but flavorful indeed. Hard to describe smell but pungent earthy hard woody smell with just a dash of desiel behind. Taste like desiel with a hint of that opponent smell that’s hard to describe even tho you taste it too. Very good with a slight happy heady high and calming relaxing euphoria arise your body gently. Awesome strain

  16. Honeybun

    At first i was really digging the whole situation and my surroundings. Things were intense and vivid. popped a movie in, drank an extra large coffee, then couch lock set in hard and I woke up 2 or 3 hours later. This is a 5 Star rating for that type of experience. That’s why I saved it until Friday night.

  17. Missile

    Was recommended to me by a friend who frequently smokes sour diesel. Pretty similar effects. Doesn’t make you as sleepy as sour diesel though. Very calming effects and a sweet smell.

  18. Nolan Rodgers

    Really good for those suffering from anxiety. Takes it away instantly and can be enjoyed out with friends or at home. Really recommend it.

  19. Rebel Boo

    The buds reminded me of cheep buds from years past, it did not look like good bud. But after smoking it for the first time I was loving it. Really good daytime high. Lots of energy and no anxiety. If I was rating off of looks it would get a 1 star, but its a hard hitter.

  20. Arrow Sassy

    Day two smoked 2 joints today felt great body was relaxed I went to the pool and just floated it was quite something so far I recommend this to relax and unwind its almost puts me in a full meditative state.

  21. Apple Elf

    Absolutely quality strain of bud. Intense head stone slight indica lock on body but able to crack on with life. My batch had streaks of purple through it see the pic! Lovely. Also a back injury sufferer – rated good for pain!

  22. Everett Cunningham

    Hella euphoric, listening to music made the experience wicked. Would definitely recommend for people with disorders such as Tourette’s or epilepsy. Even eating disorders.

  23. Daring

    This strain is probably the best I’ve used so far after being a patient for a month now. I don’t have much experience, but this bud was spectacular. I smoked a bowl and flew away, I fell asleep so relaxed, and I felt great.

  24. Bambam

    The high i get from this is euphoric at first and then my relaxation on the clouds. I love Alien OG, it’s definitely a kick back and relax experience.

  25. Harry Potter

    Exceptional strain. I️ smoked every night for about a week straight, my tolerance started to build up a bit and wasn’t gettin as high. Then I️ packed 1 bowl of this Alien OG for the first time and was completely gone. Great for chillin around with friends. One of the most highs I’ve ever had.

  26. Filly Fally

    Awh man, I thought I was gonna be the only one that felt this strain for real. Ig was unexpected, it is definitely a sativa dominate hybrid lol, it was a clear head high and it put me in the mood easily if I wanted to go there but I used it to hit a creativity peak! Not only creativity but it would bring my body a crossing level of numbing I can totally appreciate. I will be buying this strain more or whenever someone is selling it, I’ll chuck the bread to get it.

  27. Silly Sally

    Yay! I just made a batch of oil for edibles and so happy I tried it out! This is going to be a great strain for my arthritis and nerve pain. You know how it is when you’re in achy, stiff, creaky pain? Well, this helps, considering I can not take pain medication anymore. I’ve got a pretty nice buzz right now.

  28. Dirty Harry

    Been using kief from this strain, for making edibles and tincture for my patients, almost exclusively for the last four months due to its high THC content and relaxation tendencies. Many of my patients are rushing back for more edibles after being melted into the couch after a small cake. Great strain for edibles.

  29. Isiah Bullock

    Aliens exist, of course they do, we are aliens, it all depends on your perspective I guess. And they definitely brought over a good strain of shit. Immediate had to rush followed by increasing relaxation and you for you to get done and yet alert and creative. These sentences and descriptions have been very consistent for the past few years. That’s a good thing I guess.

  30. Finley Rubio

    Im getting it at 33.74% right now and its definitely my #1 right now especially before bed

  31. Miah Hanson

    Daily smokers rejoice as this strain does the job & more. Lots of Kush goodness herewith the parents being Alien Kush & Tahoe OG Kush. My dense medium green buds with dark orange hairs packed 22% THC. The scent was pine/lemon/skunk & the flovor was a bit spicy. Best thing about this strain was the effects. Start off & everything is sharper & clearer with all senses. I was happy & euphoric while being uplifted. Then as time passes (which can be hard to tell because once i thought about 30 minutes had passed & i was surprised when the clock said only 5 had!) i become very relaxed & sleepy. This strain is a bit “racy” and i can see one getting a bit paranoid. This strain produces an intense high, ENJOY!

  32. Skippy

    An old buddy first introduced me to this strain and right off the back i loved it. Smokes cleans, bomb headchange, and smells amazing. Went to an event called beyond wonderland and this had me chillin all night. Went back for another 8th on the following sunday and they were already sold out lol. I’m telling you guys it’s fireeee!

  33. Mayor

    Good strain. Fast acting but not long lasting. Has a delicious taste and a feel good high. Relieved a lot of stress and sent me on my way to positive thinking even throughout the next day.

  34. Mad Max

    In general, I like it. It’s definitely spacey. I feel like I’m floating above my body. Can be disorienting if you overmedicate, but it wasn’t scary. Just different. Thinking and re-thinking my words when texting or emailing. Not especially compelled to eat or binge any more than I would normally. I guess I would say it’s not the most exciting strain I’ve had but it’s not bad. I’ve been using a lot of Girl Scout Cookies lately so I’m kind of craving GSC’s euphoria. I’ve had a rough day so take my apathy with a grain of salt 🙂

  35. Cruella de VeL’)

    Me and my friends took two hits each of the Alien OG and watched two episodes of Trailer Park Boys totally couch locked. Felt like we were on another planet, no wonder it’s called Alien.

  36. Little Bear

    This weed is so good.. great for pain relief, also didn’t really have an appetite with it. Definitely a strain for relaxation or sleep.

  37. Donuts Deedee

    Very good hybrid, took effect about 15 min later, creeps slowly and is stronger than average. Smooth refreshing citrus pine taste, reminds me of when I have a vodka & energy drink. A nice sleepy feeling with a slight uppity feeling & relaxing. Happy it helped my back and leg pain. A good do a couple things around the house then nap and have sweet dreams strain… Zzz

  38. Snickerdoodle

    When you find someone who grows it well, hold onto them forever. The alien og smells stinky stinky stinky and seems to be very Stoney and potent which I always admire. Get your hands on some and you’ll enjoy your day even more.

  39. Red Velvet

    This strain is so relaxing, kinda euphoric and strong. I would definitely buy this again. I enjoy it completely.

  40. Amiga

    I liked this one a lot but not actually what I bought it for. NOT very sedative. But made me happy, thoughtful and relaxed. I actually think it would be good to smoke during the day if I was have a bad anxiety day and it wouldn’t make me too sleepy. Not two strong. Smoked two bowls. No headache. Little bit dry mouth. Not spacey. Actually thoughtful. And helped muscles relax.

  41. Sidney Carey

    Finally found this loud, piney ganja! Had been looking for a while and got my hands on Alien OG yesterday! If I had to sum up what I thought of this strain, wonderful would be the best word for it!

  42. Scout

    Beautiful bud with red hairs and a “sparkly” appearance. A smooth smoke that reminds me of plums. Great for daytime as it creates focus and sociability during its hour and a half duration.

  43. Doc Cloud

    The most amazing baseball bat that has ever hit me in the face. I bought an ounce in the district and it has hit me over and over and over for weeks. Everyone that tries this strain feels it. What is really distinctive is the strong pure, consistent fuel of THC throughout but with no “up and down” or jittery or “knock you out” that is typical of other high THC strains. When I smoke or vape this I feel “I’m functional but bulletproof… don’t talk to me”. You feel in control and alert and maybe a bit anti-social.

  44. Herp Derp

    I have only smoked the wax, but incredible flavor. I smoke this before work and I get twice the tips because I’m relaxed, but also clear headed. Good stuff.

  45. Blackie Brick

    I really like this strain. I’ve been in a really sad mood lately, not really up to doing normal daily tasks, or even seeing people. This strain has gotten me back in the swing of things; I’ve regained an appetite and even wanting to get out of the bed (even if it’s just to step outside and get some air.. which I wasn’t even doing before). Fluffy bud, potent smell (lemony, sweet, flowery)

  46. Mini Mini Fox

    Wow! Get this where I did and see what I mean. *Get bak’d* in Edmond. The nicest guy helped me he was such a nice Tall Young man. This strain helps my medical issues for sure. Anxiety and more..Side effects dry eyes, euphoria, energy!

  47. Dragon Elf

    Very strong indica effects from my sample. I smoked a small bowl and it looked like solid tricomes in the pipe.. Very dense smoke that can take its toll on your throat. Sedative effects take over almost immediately as it settles on you like a velvet veil.

  48. Bird

    This girl is AWESOME!! Good for day time smoke as it seems to give me a kick to get moving. She looks and smells wonderful. Very smooth smoke with a slight nose sting on exhale. Within a couple minutes after smoking a very nice mellow energy becomes present. The effects are very mind clearing and relaxing. HIGHLY recommended.

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