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Dab Rig 01 How To Smoke Hash

How To Smoke Hash

If you come across some hash, you’ve come to the correct spot. We’ll go over what hashish (hash) is, how to smoke it in different ways, and how to consume it in the end. Hash is thought to be the most potent and concentrated form of cannabis. This is due to the fact that hash has extremely high amounts of THC, usually far more than marijuana, although THC levels have been rising in marijuana recently. Let’s look at why by learning about hash further.

What is Hash?

Hashish, which is often known as hash or hashish, is a cannabis extract. It’s produced by removing trichomes (resinous glands that line the surface of cannabis plants) and processing them into a more concentrated form. To do this, you may either press or rub them together to make bricks, slans, or rolled pieces.

In simpler terms, hash and hashish are the same thing. Hash has a distinctively awful odor, but hashish is more fragrant and tastes like chocolate or coffee. It’s typically dark green or brown in hue, although it might be khaki green or sandy brown in color. Because trichome removal is carried out physically rather than chemically or solvent-based processes, hash does not require the use of solvents.

Since its invention, hash has been used and consumed in a variety of ways across the world.

How to Smoke Hash

As previously said, there are several ways to smoke hash. We’ll go through each one and give a brief explanation so that you can do the same if you want. Some methods need additional equipment or tools, while others don’t, therefore please keep reading to discover more.

Method 1: How to Smoke Hash in a Joint, Spliff, Blunt

Another popular method for smoking hash is through a pipe. Unfortunately, this approach does not allow you to use only hash since it is somewhat complicated. Simply consider that you are making a normal joint; the amount of flower you would use would be marginally less than usual.

Start by rolling a joint with your paper, prepped, and if you add the tip before hand, so much the better. Next, sprinkle a modest amount of flower on top of your light layer of flower, if you don’t have any flower you may use tobacco instead. Sprinkle hash crumbles or wrap the hash into long thin snake forms around the inner core of your paper and voila! You’re ready to smoke up.

Method 2: How to Smoke Hash in a Bowl

This is another frequently utilized technique. This strategy depends on whatever waterpiece you’re using, whether it’s a bong or a bubbler. Because of the water filtration, this should be less harsh on your throat as well. All you need is your bong / bubbler, some hash, and a lighter to get started.

We recommend utilizing a screen at the bottom of your bowl to get the most out of your hash. After that, simply fill the bowl with a little piece of hash and a screen, and you’re done! If you have trouble lighting the hash, try using a torch lighter since they’re more powerful.

Dab Rig 03 How To Smoke Hash

Method 3: How to Smoke Hash in a Dab Rig

This approach may be one you didn’t know existed, but it is! Because hash is a concentrate, it works well in this technique. You’ll need your dab rig, a blow torch, and some hash for this procedure. Make sure the water chamber in your dab rig has enough water before you begin; this will help to alleviate any harshness. Due to the fact that you are not burning the hash but only vaporizing it, it becomes a healthier smoking method!

Place your piece of hash on top of the banger, then use a dab tool to insert it into the banger. Use a carb cab while dabbing hash and place it over the banger while pushing, then remove the cap as you inhale.

Method 4: How to Smoke Hash in a Vaporizer

Although this approach is how to “smoke” hash, it will in fact be how to vape hash, which is a much better way of taking it. This method only requires you and your hash. Make sure your vaporizer is suitable for concentrates and that you have the required attachments, such as a concentrate pad, which comes as a spare with the Nectar Gold and Nectar Platinum vaporizers.

Place the concentrate pad in the chamber of your vape, set the temperature to your liking, open the chamber of your vaporizer, place the hash in (if necessary), then set it to whatever temperature you desire. You may now close the chamber lid and start breathing through the mouthpiece while taking pleasure from it!

Method 5: How to Smoke Hash Using the Hot Knives Method

The hot knives approach, as it was done in the old days, is one of these. You’ll need two knives (butter knives are ideal), hash, and access to something hot (a stove or a blow torch). Then you may make use of the top half of a water bottle or a straw.

To begin, if you’re using the top of a water bottle, you’ll need to cut it in half and save the top section for later. Next, heat your knives on a stove burner or with a blow torch until they are almost crimson hot. Take care! Afterward, let the blades cool slightly before placing a little piece of hash on one of them and pressing them together. When you place the straw or bottle top over the knives, smoke will start to come out. This is when you take your straw or bottle top and suck in all of the smoke! Simply rest the straw/bottle on top of the knives (but not on them).

Method 6: How to Smoke Hash Using the Cup Method

The most time-consuming approach to get baked goods from scratch is with the doming technique, which requires a dome. The following method is an oldie but goodie! This approach is ideal for smoking hash without having any of the required accessories. All you need for this method is a cup or glass, your hash, a pin or needle, and a little piece of cardboard (or anything that you can stick your pin into to keep it upright, e.g.a coaster). You may also use a straw if desired.

Start by rolling a tiny piece of hash into a snake form or a ball. After that, stick the other end of your pin / needle into your cardboard or coaster to keep the pin upright while sticking the end with the hash in the air up. Light the hash until it begins to smoke, then cover it with your cup / glass. If you’re not using a straw, make sure there’s enough room for you to slide the cup over the edge of the surface so you can draw air through it; if not, lift up and inhale fast but don’t allow too much smoke out!

If you’re smoking with a straw, start by placing one end of the straw beneath the cup and lifting it just enough to blow smoke through the straw. This technique involves allowing plenty of hashish smoke to build up inside the cup before exhaling it all!

Dab Rig 02 How To Smoke Hash

Method 8: How to Smoke Hash Using the Hash Tube Method

This technique may seem rather odd, but it works. It just requires a few items that you can get in your kitchen! You’ll need your hash, parchment paper, a glass mason jar (or cylindrical glass object), and a lighter or some very hot water to complete the procedure. The goal of this technique is to be able to smoke your hash alone, similar to how you would do with a joint.

Begin by rolling your hash into a snake form (long and thin). Place your rolled hash between two pieces of parchment paper next. Next, use your torch to heat up your jar or cylindrical heatable object, or place it in hot water to warm it up. You want to heat it until it is extremely hot but not enough to burn the powder or paper with fire. Take great care not to get burned! To form a flattened pancake shape, wrap the hash in parchment paper and roll it with your heated item. Then pull the hash out of the paper and mold it into a tube. You can leave it to dry for a few days once you’ve formed your tube. When it’s completely dried up, light it up and smoke it like a joint!

Method 9: How to Smoke Hash Using a Pipe

Sebsi – Moroccan Hash Pipe

A Sebsi is one of the most genuine methods to smoke hash. The Sebsi is a Moroccan pipe that was originally designed for smoking hashish. The Sebsi is used to consume kief, but it’s also utilized to smoke hashish. Wood, metal, or reed are commonly used in the manufacture of pipes. The bowls are frequently composed of red clay.

Smoking kif, a herbal cannabis combination sometimes added with local tobacco, is the sebsi’s intended purpose. They may be purchased straight from Morocco, but if you are fortunate enough to have one, I encourage you to try smoking hash out of it!

Spoon Pipe

A spoon pipe is the most popular kind of pipe that smokers use. Smoking hash out of a spoon pipe is very similar to smoking it through a bong or bubbler. This technique is also ideal for passing around because the hash will burn slowly, allowing you to share the pipe. All you need is a pipe (possibly with a screen if you’re smoking alone), your hash, and a lighter!

Place a small amount of hash on the screen in your pipe and then light it until it begins to smoke as you pull through, watching as the hash burns through. That’s all there is to it!

Method 10: How to Smoke Hash Using Hookah

This technique may be used with friends. Hash is great to use with a hookah because it burns slowly. For this method, you’ll need your hookah, hash, aluminum foil, and charcoal (which you should already have for your hookah).

Dab Rig 04 How To Smoke Hash

To begin, fill your hookah three-quarters full with water and then roll the hash into big balls. The balls should be placed in the bowl on top of the shisha tobacco. Cover it with aluminum foil, make sure to poke several holes in it, and get it nice and charcoal red hot. You’re ready to go!

Method 11: How to Smoke Hash Using the Bottle Method

You can use this method if you don’t have any other smoking devices. This approach is similar to the cup technique in that it entails filling a bottle with smoke before inhaling so you can enjoy a nice, big rip of a hit! You’ll need a water bottle, scissors or something sharp, a cigarette or something with a comparable form and texture, and a pin.

First, cut a small hole in the bottle using your scissors or sharp object, make sure the hole is big enough to fit the cigarette through. Roll up a piece of your hash and place it on one end of the pin, then stick the other end of the pin inside the cigarette so that it is poking out. Turn on the hash, then place the cigarette with the hash end first into the hole in the water bottle. Make sure no smoke escapes by checking that you’ve shut off the top of the bottle. Once you’ve filled up the container with smoke, take out the lid and cigarette, then cover up the opening while breathing through your water bottle’s top.

Smoking with plastic isn’t healthy for your lungs, so don’t use it too often and make sure you haven’t reused any plastic bottles as they can emit harmful chemicals as a result of overheating.

Which Method is Best?

It’s all subjective when it comes to picking the “best” strategy. However, at Nectar, we think that the healthiest option is always the best one. This is because you may utilize the technique without having any substantial health disadvantages or difficulties. The more frequently you employ it, the less worried you’ll be about your health.

The Vaporization Technique is our top pick. This procedure is one of the most rapid on the list, just requiring two pieces of equipment: the hash – so it only requires 1 piece if you remove the hash! It simply requires your vaporizer. Of course, as previously said, you must ensure that your vaporizer is appropriate for concentrates and that you utilize your concentrate pad if necessary.

This is the finest technique since it is the healthiest. There are no pollutants because there is no combustion, and it’s quite efficient, fast, and low-cost. You may use this process anywhere because vaporizers are portable and inconspicuous. If you can’t discover a suitable vape, check out the Nectar Gold and Nectar Platinum Vaporizers, which both accept dry herbs and concentrates.


We’ve discovered that there are several more than a few options for how to enjoy your hash! We’ve also discussed which method we at Nectar consider the best, and it’s of course vaping. Check out this article here if you’d like to learn more about the many types of hash available. Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a nice day!

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