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If you want to buy Marijuana in Canada, then we are one of the best Online Dispensary that delivers marijuana through mail order. You can easily buy weed while sitting inside your home.

GG4 provides natural healing and holistic health through medicinal marijuana and top-rated cannabis.

GG4 is dedicated to providing the best marijuana through edibles, concentrates, cannabis strains, CBD products, and Tinctures. The suppliers are of the highest standard when delivering marijuana so you can rest assured that you will receive the best weed online in Canada.

All the orders come with a tracking number when you place an online order of marijuana. Even the customer service of GG4 is top-notch while providing shipping insurance which makes sure the order gets to the destination. The professional commerce system of GG4 makes it safe and fast to add the products in the cart to order marijuana.

The Canadian marijuana industry is constantly changing, so the mission of GG4 is plain and simple, we want to create a place for people where they can easily order high-quality marijuana without facing any issues. Just like online shopping, GG4 aims to make buying medical marijuana as easy as that. 


Many years of experience

Holding over 30 years of experience in the marijuana industry, the team of GG4 is perfectly made for delivering the promises. From one place to another, GG4 is at the front of Online Cannabis sales and marijuana news. We go above and beyond to create bliss and serenity without breaking the bank! GG4, being one of the leading marijuana weed stores in Canada, provides the largest range of high-quality dried flower (Sativa, hybrid, and Indica), concentrates, and marijuana edibles. The weed strains that grew in the best conditions in British Columbia, provide potency, efficacy, and high quality.

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The popularity of auto-flowering cannabis seeds

The revolutionary event in the world of cannabis was the emergence of auto-flowering varieties. They were based on the genetics of indica, sativa and bc hybrids.



It has strong and large leaves in the pot, squat shape and relaxing action.



Hybrid combinations report the percentage of the main genotypes in the product, according to which we can conclude about the quality of the hemp.



Tall bushes from a dispensary with thin leaves and a psycho stimulating medical effect.

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How to make an order?

The purchase of all hemp varieties is carried out directly on the site. You can do this with a simple step:

  • Put the hemp variety you like in the basket;
  • Go to the basket and choose a payment method;
  • Enter the details for delivery and confirm the purchase.
In our assortment, you can find many rare and popular hemp varieties: auto-flowering, regular. When asking where buy near me a good variety of marijuana, pay attention to the list of cities Сanada:
  • Toronto
  • Ontario
  • Montreal
  • Quebec
  • Calgary
  • Alberta
  • Ottawa
If your city is not listed, then you can check the information with our manager on the website or by writing a letter to the mail [email protected].

Here at GG4, marijuana is just more than a business

Whether it is to make most of the properties of marijuana or for recreational properties, the collection at GG4 is for anyone and everyone for people above the age of 19. You should check the online marijuana store of GG4 to start your journey towards emotional, physical, and mental wellness. GG4 has delivery service all over Canada. GG4 rather than being regular online cannabis is more of an institution.

The GG4 was founded on the thought that every Canadian should be able to have access to recreational and medical marijuana as GG4 provides only the best and high-quality marijuana strains, edibles, and concentrates and also the best quality accessories. Here at GG4, marijuana is just more than a business, GG4 represents each of the principles we hold dear. The founders of GG4 and its associates have been tirelessly working at the frontlines of the cannabis legalization movement. This is the reason why GG4 strives hard and makes sure that their customer receives only the best and premium marijuana. When someone orders marijuana from GG4, they are not just ordering weed in their mail rather they are receiving a commitment to get the best and quality marijuana along with impeccable customer service. This is the advantage you get with GG4.  

GG4 is not just a cannabis business and the customers are more than customers. GG4 treats its customer like family and they consider it their mission and duty to give the best quality of marijuana to the public in Canada. The company would never have been able to get this far without the support of its loyal customers and the work ethics that drive the GG4 employees. The trust and commitment which GG4 provides to its customers are one of the highest in the marijuana industry. GG4 is not an ordinary online dispensary. Here at GG4, we stock the best and premium quality of marijuana in Canada along with a wide variety of accessories, topicals, and edibles. It is a one-stop-shop for everything related to cannabis that has something for everyone. Here at GG4, we believe that every Canadian should have quick access to the best quality of cannabis available. At GG4, we have a special 5A grading system that tenders to the requirements of each person based on the potency and price. GG4 is focused on serving every kind of client, GG4 is focused on their zero comprise on the quality policy. Ordering a 2A or 5A doesn’t matter much as each bud is absolutely beautiful. When we say top quality, we mean it. The selection process is exhaustive and stringent than anyone else in the industry, making sure that GG4 has the best and quality buds from the suppliers. GG4 is a marijuana connoisseur that guarantees that you will not get such exquisite flowers anywhere else. Not just the flower, but the strains, edibles, and accessories, all of these are the best when you order with GG4. 

Your choice is our advantage

What sets us apart from our competitors

Lowest Prices in the Market

GG4 provides the highest quality of marijuana at the lowest prices! There are lots of great deals for the new and existing customers. The daily discounts which GG4 allows the cherished customer to get more for less. You should definitely check the website and find amazing offers and deals. You can take advantage and get special discounts with the offers. You can check out the customer reviews and see why many people are choosing GG4’s marijuana. 

High-Quality Service

When dealing with Marijuana dispensary, trust is the key. This is why GG4 focuses on creating the ultimate experience for the consumers and from Coast to Coast. Here at GG4, client satisfaction is the top priority. GG4 prides itself on offering top-notch customer service 7 days a week. GG4’s team is knowledgeable, friendly, and always ready to answer all the questions that you have. GG4’s customer service is available by phone from 10 AM – 10 PM PST and also with the Live Chat feature. GG4 takes pride in weed dispensary and something that you can rely on. 

The Fastest Delivery of Your Goods

Receiving marijuana and weed from online stores, then it is so easy. From GG4, you can buy weed without any fear of fraud or low quality, knowing that the product you are receiving is genuine and is made by a team of cannabis aficionados. GG4 is in business for the past five years and the people working for the company. The goal of GG4 is to give the best quality of weed products that are delivered swiftly and privately to your home, receiving products that are worth their price. All these products are personally tested by our employees.
If you get any of the products at a lower price on any other website, then you can just tell us that and we will match the price if their quality is good as ours. At GG4, we are fully dedicated to cater to your needs, both with the quality of the products and the marijuana shopping experience. The GG4 is not only a reliable weed dispensary but also a place where you can buy a variety of weed products. These packages are delivered in just 1-3 days after placing the order. The order reaches your house discreetly and fast.

Trusted Retailers

GG4 selects its growers personally and keeps refining the large collection so that the customers will get the highest quality of products. The customers are of the highest priority and this is why GG4 goes beyond to make sure that you get secure and safe transactions so that your information is secure at our marijuana dispensary. The pictures that you are seeing are 100% original and we sell what we show. You will receive the same product you see in the image.


GG4 thrives at keeping the customer’s information secure and private with an industry standard database. GG4 believes in keeping the customer’s privacy 100% secure and safe. The Offshore servers do not keep any logs and they delete the daily entry to give you total security. GG4 holds its standard the same as any other perfectionist would do. For the customers, it means that they will receive an unrelenting determination from GG4 and receive the best customer service.

Good Quality of Products

GG4 holds its suppliers to provide the best quality of marijuana and also to give the customers the best satisfaction with customer service. As Canada’s one of the leading weed dispensaries, GG4 has a wide variety of Sativa, hybrid strains, and Indica. GG4 is known for providing the best and top quality cannabis product at the store. Right from budder/weed wax, shatter edibles, resin, cannabis oil, CBD, vape pens to weed accessories, GG4 has everything.

Explore Indica Cannabis Strains

The calming and relaxing strain of cannabis is known as Indica. These strains are good for activities that do not require a little to no physical activity or social interaction. In effectiveness, the indica strain gives a high to the body and the mind, while creating a sleepy state of mind. These strains are known for the stubby and short leaves. This strain requires little flowering time and it indica requires colder climates. It is known to have relaxing properties. People often prefer to use Indica for evenings and night because it eases muscle tension, chronic pain, depression, and insomnia. Indica strains are good for people who are tensed and suffering from social anxiety or people who have frequent anxiety attacks.

Explore Sativa Cannabis Strains

The marijuana that energizes the whole body is known as Sativa. These strains are best during the daytime when you need to do heavy physical activity and social interaction. The effects of Sativa give a high for the mind, increasing mental energy and focus. These strains are taller than the indica strains and have thin leaves. These strains like warm climates and these are tall. These strains are just the opposite of indica because these are mentally stimulating and infuses energy into the person. These strains are used in treating anxiety, depression, fatigue, and alleviate one’s mood.

Explore Hybrid Cannabis Strains

These are the strains that are developed from sativa and indica. These are known to give both the effects of sativa and indicas. The hybrids can be both relaxing and energizing, given the strength of the specific strain. These strains are designed by keeping a balance in mind. They give the best features of Indica’s and Sativa’s. These hybrids have a wide range of benefits. Having Indica and Sativa’s qualities, strains are tailor-made for the specific needs of a person. The hybrid strains are getting quite popular nowadays because of the variety it brings to the consumers. People are eager to try new hybrid strains to get a different type of high.

Explore Our Edibles

The edibles are also a great way to use marijuana. The edibles include lozenges, capsules, and food products that give long-lasting and safe effects of marijuana. The edibles contain a good amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The edibles are eaten for medical and recreational purposes and these give a wide range of relaxation, euphoria, and fatigue. Some of the edibles have cannabidiol (CBD) and a little amount of THC. To learn more about the edibles, you can check out the library of GG4 to find the best working weed for you. The website is ideal for people that want information about certain types of strains and edibles. It also tells about the type of occasion and people the edible would suit too.

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