Popcorn Shake 1oz

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Consumers may have to pick between low, middle, and top-shelf cannabis flower when purchasing cannabis flower from a dispensary. However, there is sometimes another alternative: cannabis shake. The term “cannabis shake” may refer to various things to different people. While it is not as powerful as higher-quality flower, cannabis shake might be a cost-effective option for consumers looking to consume large quantities of cannabis.

Cannabis shake is a term used to describe the tiny residue that remains at the bottom of a container (bag, jar, etc). Cannabis flower nugs, also known as colas, are responsible for these residuals. Marijuana buds that grow on stems are called colas. In time, if they’re handled carefully, extra bud scraps will accumulate in its container. Cannabis shake may be an excellent budget alternative for smoking, vaporizing, cooking, and more if it’s made from a high-quality cannabis strain.


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