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Shatter VS Wax Whats the Difference 3 Shatter VS Wax: What’s the Difference

Shatter VS Wax: What’s the Difference

When you want a clean and potent concentrated form of marijuana, there are several alternatives to select from. However, when it comes to the distinction between wax and shatter, as well as other types of concentrated cannabis items, what precisely is the difference? There’s no such thing as a set number of ways to use cannabis these days, whether it’s pre-rolls or edibles; Cannabis topical creams and capsules; or marijuana concentrates. You can buy these products in our store.

The introduction of cannabis wax to the market is one of the more recent developments in cannabis culture. Is it really true that weed wax is the most potent and pure form of marijuana concentrate available today? Let’s take a look at the history and psychoactive effects of this exciting new cannabis concentrate before you decide for yourself!

Wax Facts

What is the difference between wax and shatter, and what is marijuana wax? The majority of marijuana wax is produced in a manner similar to but far more dangerous than methods used to make hashish for thousands of years. Cannabis wax is derived by extracting psychotropic compounds from enormous amounts of cannabis flowers using highly combustible butane. However, whereas hash oil vs wax is a touch more complicated, this method should only be attempted by a professional. If you wish to try marijuana wax, the best option is to acquire some that has been made for you by an expert!

Shatter VS Wax Whats the Difference 1 Shatter VS Wax: What’s the Difference
Shatter VS Wax: What’s the Difference?

Highly concentrated cannabis products, such as shatter dabs wax, are for both recreational users who want to explore how high they can go and patients using cannabis to treat chronic conditions like pain, anxiety, stress, sadness, insomnia, and a variety of other mental health and physical illnesses. Using shatter dab wax allows you to reap the huge powerful effects of a concentrated cannabis product while using a much smaller quantity to produce the intended effect. You may smoke a quick dab or two and continue with your day with marijuana wax. When you need to load a second or third bong hit or smoke a full joint or two to get your mind in the right place, alleviate a chronic illness, or relax after a tough day, marijuana wax allows you to simply smoke a brief dab or two and move on.

What Is Shatter?

Shatter is one of the most noticeable concentrates on a dispensary shelf because of its appearance, and it’s easy to identify because of its color. The concentrate resembles hard candy, therefore it’s usually this brilliant golden-to-amber color that is either completely transparent or quite near. Because shatter has such a high THC content (up to 80 percent), it’s one of the cannabis concentrates with the highest amount.

Shatter is a translucent–sometimes transparent–concentrate that resembles rock candy or a Jolly Rancher. It’s made by pushing the chemical through cannabis material, just like other butane concentrates, to make an amber liquid similar to the one displayed below.

When left to “cool,” this amber liquid transforms into shatter, which has the consistency of thin peanut brittle. Shatter’s transparency is due to the temperatures used during extraction and finishing (as well as other factors), and there’s no way to explain it in simple terms.

Shatter VS Wax Whats the Difference 2 Shatter VS Wax: What’s the Difference
Shatter VS Wax: What’s the Difference?

To further explain, consider the BHO’s molecules (that amber liquid) as Legos. They’re stacked neatly one on top of the other in shatter, just like you constructed a wall. This molecular alignment allows light to pass through and gives shatter its brittle form.

There’s no doubting that cannabis extracts are at the forefront of the legal cannabis industry, evolving and reinventing cannabis compounds in order to achieve greater and greater highs. These are two of the most popular extracts used when dabbing: shatter and wax. Inhalation via a water-filtration system heats and cools extract vapors, creating dabbing.

Shatter and wax both refer to the look and texture of a completed cannabis extract or concentrate product. Shatter appears to be half-translucent with an amber-golden coloration. Shatter is sometimes riddled with air bubbles that are trapped during cooling.

The film is brittle, similar to a flattened rock candy or a thin slab of sticky ice that has been flattened. Peanut brittle is an appropriate example; if you have chunks in your shatter, you’re in trouble.

Shatter is made by forcing butane through cannabis material to extract concentrated THC. Shatter is unique in that the molecular structure is more organized than that of BHO, allowing it to grow solid sheets structurally similar to ice.

Primary Differences

In terms of THC and strength, shatter and wax are almost identical. Both are BHO extracts with 80-90% THC concentration. The main differences between them are in terms of texture, price, and personal taste.

Wax enthusiasts love how it’s simpler to scoop out accurate portions because it is more malleable and generally a bit easier to make. The product’s beauty and the fact that it can be kept for longer amounts of time (stored) are appreciated by shatter fans.

Cannabis extracts are at the forefront of the legal cannabis movement, progressing and re-inventing cannabis chemicals in order to achieve greater and higher highs.

The most important thing to remember about shatter and wax is that they’re the two most popular extracts utilized when dabbing. Dabbing involves heating and cooling extract vapors via a water-filtering system for inhalation.

How To Use Wax or Shatter

You’ve possibly heard the term “dab” used to describe an odd-looking hip hop dance move or the video game Fortnite, but don’t get that silliness confused with the real thing! Making your cannabis wax or shatter last and providing you with the most efficient smoking technique for high-THC products on the market today is as simple as using a dab rig, a tiny torch, and a carb cap.

There are several different types of rigs available, each with its own look and feel. At the most basic level, a dab rig is made up of a bong or water pipe with an exclusive bowl or nail shape attachment rather than your normal bowl for cannabis flowers. Whether you choose the nail or bowl style of dab rig is largely a question of personal preference, however for starters, we recommend a basic piece with a tiny glass or titanium nail. Take a little amount of your cannabis wax and put it on the top of your dab tool. In a pinch, you can use anything long like as a pin or paperclip.

To prepare cannabis wax, use a butane torch to carefully heat the nail or bowl until it is red hot, then turn off the flame and set it aside in a safe place. Take your dab tool, whether improvised or otherwise, and apply the cannabis wax to the heated surface before drawing on the bong’s mouthpiece. To draw the smoke into your lungs, cover the carb cap or nail sleeve over the nail or bowl and pull strongly. After dabbing, be careful not to touch the hot nail or bowl to avoid being badly burned.

The fourth, and most dangerous step, is to add a lighter directly onto the cannabis. This method is best for experienced users that are confident with handling a torch and able to remain vigilant around hot items. If you have a low tolerance level and smoke a very powerful type of concentrated marijuana, you might find yourself momentarily unable to remember these safety precautions, so please do try dabbing at your own risk if this is your first time doing it. It may be done safely if handled correctly; however, there is always the danger of burns or even explosion if a torch is used incorrectly.

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