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Myrcene3 Myrcene


The distinct aroma of cannabis isn’t due to your favorite cannabinoids. The terpenes, on the other hand, are responsible for the distinctive smell and taste of cannabis. They may also impact how cannabis feels and might reflect some of its medicinal potential. You can buy this product in our store. Myrcene is one of the […]

Appalachia Weed Strain2 Myrcene

Appalachia Weed Strain

The hybrid cross between Green Crack and Tres Dawg produced by High & Lonesome Seeds is named Appalachia. The buds have a sage green hue with darker leaves and fiery hairs peeking out from beneath, thanks to a layer of white, hazy trichomes. Appalachia has an earthy pine aroma combined with subtle fruit notes for […]

CBD Cigarettes2 Myrcene

CBD Cigarettes

One of the newest cannabis and CBD items to hit the market is a type of CBD cigarettes known as vaporizer hemp cigarettes. They are not, by any means, the most popular method of CBD delivery, but they do provide a distinct option for consumers searching for an actual smoking experience. You can buy this […]

When To Harvest Marijuana Plants2 Myrcene

When To Harvest Marijuana Plants

If you’re unfamiliar with the world of marijuana production, you may be excited to taste the results of your labor once harvest time comes around. You’ll discover when cannabis plants are ripe to harvest in this beginner’s guide to harvesting cannabis, as well as what signs indicate when cannabis plants are ready. You can buy […]

Best Fruity Weed Strains1 Myrcene

Best Fruity Weed Strains

Marijuana strains come in a variety of tastes and fragrances. Fruity marijuana strains are the most popular among dispensary patients and connoisseurs, which is why we’ve compiled this list of the finest fruity-smelling cannabis plants. You can buy this product in our store. We look at some of the most prevalent fruit tastes: citrus, strawberry, […]


How to Make Rosin

What Is Rosin? Rosin is a cannabis extract produced by heating and compressing plant material in a press, which squeezes out hot oil. The procedure is solvent-free, so no solvents or chemicals are employed during the process. This technique was originally used to create rosin for violin bows, hence the concentrate’s name. You can buy […]

Phellandrene Terpene Everything You Need To Know About It 2 Myrcene

Phellandrene Terpene: Everything You Need To Know About It

What Is the Phellandrene Terpene? Phellandrene terpene has not received the attention it deserves. It isn’t commonly found in cannabis, but it may be found in a variety of natural sources including eucalyptus and mint. Its minty, woody, and citrus scent is easy to overlook. You can buy this product in our store. Phellandrene is […]

How to Detect Contaminated Cannabis1 Myrcene

How to Detect Contaminated Cannabis

Cannabis contamination is typical, so learning how to identify it before it causes damage is essential. It will not only make cannabis users safer, but it will also help to establish consumer confidence in the blossoming cannabis industry. You can buy this product in our store. Cannabis use has never been more widespread. However, there […]

Passion Fruit Weed Strain2 Myrcene

Passion Fruit Weed Strain

The Passion Fruit strain is named after a fruit that most people drool over. Other tropical fruit strains include Mendo Mango and Mango Tango, among others. Genetics and seed breeders made it easier than ever to develop a potent yet lovely strain. You can buy this product in our store. Passion Fruit is a potent […]

Is Marijuana a Depressant or Stimulant 1 Myrcene

Is Marijuana a Depressant or Stimulant?

Is marijuana a depressant or a stimulant? Its therapeutic benefits have helped millions of people around the world feel better and relax. However, everyone reacts to marijuana differently depending on their tolerance and the type of cannabis they consume. You can buy this product in our store. In some cases, marijuana may be classified as […]

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