Violet Fever LSO *Hybrid*

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Violet Fever is a softly scented sweet flower with balanced but slightly sleepy effects. The strain is made up of the strong genetics of Blueberry, Green Crack, and Shiskaberry. The end product has surprisingly little of the dank odors that many other strains have. Consuming its floral smoke instead allows consumers to relax into a calm yet clear-headed high. Violet Fever’s THC content has consistently been found to range from 17% to 26 percent.

Violet Fever is a small strain that grows to be about the size of a dime. Its flowers, which are sometimes called nuggets, have a pointed tip and are tiny spade-shaped nuggets. These buds are stunning in hues of sage green with hints of pale lavender. The hue shifts toward purpler tones as a result of anthocyanin pigments being activated by cold temperatures during growth. These compact, indica-type blooms are finished off with frosty trichomes and vibrant orange pistils.

Violet Fever has a pleasant aroma that includes traces of violets. Underneath is a sweetness like cotton candy. When these buds are ground, earthy musk comes through somewhat on the nose. When combusted in a pipe or a joint, however, this strain produces a very smooth and easily absorbed smoke with fruity notes and faint floral undertones on the exhale.

Violet Fever has a medium onset period, similar to many predominantly indica strains. Effects begin as a tight pressure on the lower forehead and temples, with a possible tingling sensation or a flushing in the cheeks. Users can engage in the strain’s mental activity once these unusual feelings become more comfortable; it may appear to bring their surroundings into sharper focus. You may get caught up in your own thoughts. You may find yourself jumping from one to the next, reflective thought after reflective thought. This mentality might allow for efficiency when it comes on complicated, analytical work.

Violet Fever may make some individuals chatty in social settings, resulting in free-flowing discussions. Violet Fever can also cause psychedelic changes in perception, such as an increase in stimuli like bright lights or loud noises. Some users also report a strange sense of time dilation. Those who want to take advantage of these trippy qualities should combine Violet Fever with a spacey movie or album. Indeed, after an hour or so under this strain’s influence, you may just want to lie back and relax with ambient entertainment, as its physical body high begins to seep in. As the strain’s soothing effects take hold, any residual muscular tension fades away as breathing becomes easier and more natural. During the period in which Violet Fever’s physical stone is still intact, it may suffocate smokers of any desire to do more than eat or binge-watch television. Because this strain starts with some vitality before melting into sedation, it’s ideal for consumption between late afternoon and early evening.

‘Violet Fever’ has several applications for medical marijuana patients, as it is quite versatile. The lucidity that occurs with its onset can assist persons suffering from attention deficit disorders to focus on a single activity. Its mood-altering effects may help people feeling stressed, sad, or afraid feel better. The THC in the strain, combined with its strong focus-enhancing qualities, may lead to munchies. As a result of its ability to generate some rather powerful, obsessive thought patterns, Violet Fever should be consumed cautiously by patients who are prone to anxiety or paranoia.

Seeds of Violet Fever are not sold online, and those who want to cultivate the strain at home should obtain clippings from healthy, mature plants of the strain. The strain may be cultivated indoors or outdoors in a hot, humid environment. Plants are short and bushy in stature with purple flowers that bloom within 8 to 9 weeks. Gardeners looking to bring out the hues of their crops’ eye-catching violet should briefly expose them to cold (but not freezing!) temperatures just before blooming begins.

At social gatherings, ‘Violet Fever’ has a beautiful and aromatic appeal that makes it ideal for sharing as a conversation piece. The strain is particularly desirable among flavor aficionados and terpene enthusiasts.

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