Tommy Ford *Indica*

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Tommy Ford, also known as “TFPK,” is a hybrid strain (80% indica/20% sativa) produced by an unknown combination of indica dominant hybrids. Tommy Ford has tiny rounded dense forest green nuggets with pinkish and purple undertones, bright pink-orange hairs, and a sheen of frosty clear white crystal trichomes that are visible when the bud is broken apart. Sweet honey and sour citrus aromas emerge as you pull apart each icy little nugget, which are complemented perfectly by notes of rich woods and earth.

The flavor of the Tommy Ford is just as delicious, with long-lasting effects that are ideal for unwinding after a hard day’s work. As any negative or fast thoughts are erased, your mental state will feel instant comfort as undesirable or racing ideas are replaced by an all-encompassing sense of pleasure. The stone-like appearance of this product will soon spread from mind to body, leaving you feeling totally relaxed and very sedated as you begin to fade into restful sleep. Tommy Ford is frequently said to be ideal for treating anxiety, stress, sadness, physical pain, sleeplessness, and tiredness because it has such a high 23-25% average THC level with these effects.

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