Purple Erkle LSO *Hybrid*

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Purple Urkle is one of the most well-known Indica strains, yet its origins are still largely a mystery. What we do know is that the strain has been cultivated in northern California’s Emerald Triangle region since the 1980s (Humboldt County). It’s frequently referred to as “Purple Urple” and sometimes “The Urkle.”

Purple Urkle is a hybrid strain developed in the Emerald Triangle region by combining two different strains, according to most marijuana farmers. Purple Urkle is usually thought to have been created through crossbreeding Mendocino Purps or Granddaddy Purple.

Purple Urkle has a sweet and skunky aroma that is consistent with most purple cannabis strains when cultivated correctly. It has a sweet, fruity pebbles scent, with tropical fruit, grapes, and fruity stones as well as skunk aromas. Its effects can be quite sluggish and soothing, making it an excellent strain for sleep and anxiety. It’s also used to treat pain and increase appetites frequently.

The Purple Urkle is a well-liked medical marijuana strain. It has the ability to help people with a wide range of illnesses. This strain, for example, has shown to be an effective sleep aid, so you should not try to utilize it during the day unless you need a nap as it might make you too sleepy.

Purple Urkle is a sedative herb that can help reduce stress, anxiety, and sadness. This is due to its capacity to remove harmful ideas from your mind. The soothing properties of the medication ensure that it may be used to alleviating pains and discomfort caused by diseases like fibromyalgia. If you have joint problems, headaches, or muscular twitching, consider using it.

It’s best to utilize CBD isolate in the evenings or late at night since it has a calming effect. It’s also been known to be a “two-hitter-quitter” variety, which means that two hits are generally enough to experience all of CBD isolate’s effects. We would recommend lower doses to begin with, especially for novice consumers, owing t o THC concentrations in the 20s.

Purple Urkle is a slow-growing variety when cultivated outside. When grown outside, it generally takes five months to flower, while flowering times indoors can be as short as eight weeks. The strain stays fairly compact and squatty with yields slightly below average, according to many Indica’s. On an indoor grow, expect 1-2 ounces per plant; on an outdoor one, expect 1/2 pound per plant.

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