Popcorn Salad buds are brown and shorter than popcorn. Popcorn buds are generally B-grade nugs, which lack the bag appeal of A-grade nuggets. One of the appealing features of popcorn buds is their middle ground between low-cost cannabis and high-quality bud. Popcorn buds should have a similar potency to, if not less than, A-grade strains (from the same producer).


Shake is a finer consistency of cannabis flower fragments that have broken off as a result of handling. You may have observed cannabis flower pieces gathering at the bottom of your storage container; this is called shake. While some specialists consider the shake to be waste, others think it provides precisely the right strength they require. Cannabis shake is useful for a variety of applications.

  • The Indica Shake by High Supply is our most popular shake. Many people are overwhelmed by today’s flower potency and choose shake as a less intense alternative to smoking entire nugs. Shake has a similar texture to ground nugs and is frequently smoked in a bowl, joint, or water bong. Some patients utilize shake in the form of tinctures and baked goods for making edibles.


Popcorn is a smaller-than-full-nug flower that’s bigger than a shake. These blooms generally develop beneath the main colas and receive less light. Because of the lack of light and nutrients, they do not grow to be as big as full nugs. Although popcorn nuggets don’t have the same aesthetic appeal as larger full nugs, their potency is typically comparable in terms of cannabinoid and flavonoid content.

  • High Supply offers Hybrid & Sativa Popcorn – we have hybrid and sativa strain popcorn buds from High Supply. Hybrid popcorns has a THC concentration of 19.1 percent, whereas sativa popcorns have a THC content of 18.7 percent. Hybrid popcorns are suitable for use at any time, while sativa popcuns are typically consumed in the daytime.


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