Orange Sorbet *Hybrid*


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Orange Sherbet is a slightly indica-dominated hybrid that is a descendant of the super-tasty Sunset Sherbet and possibly the Orange line. But don’t look for this bud – because of its rarity, it is really difficult to find it on the medicinal market. Because it is so difficult to find, there is very little reliable information available on Orange Sherbet. The first parent plant Karma uses to create the orange sorbet is Trifi x Udub, a variety characterized by intense lemon and melon aromas. Trifi is a Kush / ChemDawg donated by their colleagues at Cannarado, and Udub, sourced from the Motiv303 collective, is a purple hash plant variety similar to G13. The Orange Sherbet Marijuana Strain is a well-balanced 50 Indica / 50 Sativa marijuana hybrid. The breeders of this cannabis strain remain unknown. This herb is one of the most difficult marijuana varieties to obtain. Therefore, there is little confirmed information about this pot. The dense cola is covered in a thick layer of ridiculously aromatic gum, and it’s a wide variety of gum extraction options, making it a must-have for lovers of fresh frozen bubble hash or live gum, producing great returns and surprisingly astringent results.


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