The combination of Nitro OG cannabis and Purple Hulk (Granddaddy Purple x Big Bud) is one of the most Kush-heavy strains you’ll find. There are several great indica and sativa characteristics carried down through this illustrious family tree, such as a high THC content and big buds due to the Big Bud lineage.

You can expect to be greeted with a variety of interesting tastes as you explore the vast world of marijuana strains. Your grandparents would certainly appreciate this strain, named after them: it’s from their favorite seed bank, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC).

Nitro OG Strain Terpene Profile

The rich and complex tastes and aromas of this herbal beauty are caused by the terpene profile. Myrcene, the terpene responsible for that ‘weed smell,’ is present in the earthy, classic Kush and Skunk basecoat, especially when it comes to scent.

Furthermore, the pleasant and delicious combination with a little bit of spice that resembles the finest GSC strains is included (as there) thanks to the mix of two prominent terpenes, limonene and caryophyllene.

Nitro OG Strain Effects

Indica effects are enhanced here, with a first cerebral, uplifting high for the mind. This is followed by an intensely relaxing full-body buzz that takes away much of the desire to get up!

Tingling vibrations may be felt throughout the joints and muscles as pressures and forces dissipate into the air, leaving you lounging back comfortably in a euphoric mood with time to talk to good friends (or maybe even perfect strangers) until early hours of the morning if a beautiful night’s sleep doesn’t catch you first!

Nitro OG Strain Medical Benefits

The high THC concentration (tipping over 22% in most cases) and the terpenes present in this cannabis strain work together to provide pain relief. The cannabinoids and terpenes (particularly caryophyllene) may bind to cannabinoid receptors, which might assist with the body’s pain response and decrease the impact of certain chronic pain circumstances.

It’s been claimed that this cannabis strain, as its parents before it (particularly Nitro), might have the capacity to alleviate short-term and long-term anxiety, reducing severity and duration of episodes.

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