Kush-Kat – Edibles


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These amazing treats are packed with a massive punch. Each bag is filled with delicious treats that tastes exactly like your childhood favorites, but with 1 difference. They are infused with 600mg of THC. Pace yourself when enjoying these tasty chocolates. You can buy Kush-Kat – Edibles at our online store.

  • Contents: 600mg THC per bag | 6 candies per bag
  • Each Kush Kat Mini contains 100mg of THC

Krispy THC is a sweet cannabis-infused dessert from Kush-Kat that includes 600 milligrams of THC and is made with high-quality marijuana. This therapeutic pleasure has a long-term impact. It tastes just like any other delicious dessert… then you get stoned!


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