JTK *Hybrid*


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Justin Trudeau, also known as “Justin Trudope,” is an indica dominant hybrid strain with unknown parentage due to a high level of breeder discretion, although it is believed to be an OG Kush descendant. Justin Trudeau is a popular pain reliever in Canada and the United States for its calm and creative side effects, named for the renowned Canadian Prime Minister. The high’s first sedating effects will tingle up and down your spine, but you’ll feel a mild boost at the start. It will fill you with an emerging happiness that spreads throughout your whole being, leaving you feeling creatively inspired, uplifted, and calm. You’ll be more sociable, making it easy to engage in any discussion or social gathering. Justin Trudeau is ideal for treating chronic pain because of its strong 19-20% average THC level as well as its wonderful effects (nausea/appetite loss/chronic stress/anxiety). This bud has a classic sour citrus flavor with a peppery pine exhale. The fragrance is earthy herbs and spicy citrus, with traces of rich flowers and woody pine throughout. Justin Trudeau’s amazing workroom masterpiece has long, grape-shaped forest green nuggets coated in bright orange hairs and adorned with tiny golden amber crystal trichomes. You can buy JTK *Hybrid* at our online store.


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