Greasy Pink is a hybrid strain that comes from the combination of Bubba Kush and Pink Kush. As soon as you take your first puff of this plant, you will notice a change in your mood immediately. Users become calm and chilled after taking in the beautiful heavy stone. This flower’s sedative qualities leave most consumers either glued to their sofa watching television or lost in the fridge at night. Anyone suffering from pain, stress, sadness, or worry will experience immediate comfort with this strong medication’s potent effects. Take it easy with this one and avoid taking too much since you might fall asleep.

Greasy Pink is a very uncommon and one-of-a-kind indica strain with 27% THC. Expect a profound relaxation and a hefty stone.

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

This hybrid strain was developed from Bubba Kush and Pink Kush. Its thick, sticky buds are bright green and covered with pink tufts. However, due to the layer of sugar-like trichomes, they are barely seen. This variety has a “WOW” factor and will blow your mind!

Make it a regular practice to save this one for after dinner or when you want to get high. It’s like having a good old-fashioned giggle session stoned, which is lovely. This indica begins with woody dankness notes before transitioning into its distinct flavor of earthy, sweet gas. This strain also retains its classic “Pink” taste throughout the most pleasurable experience, despite some severity at higher temperatures.

Greasy Pink is a gassy, tasty treat created by combining the incredible Bubba Kush genes with the delicious Pink Kush lineage. This strain, while mostly indica, does have some characteristics that are typical of sativas. At the same time, it maintains the heavy indica effects resulting from the Pink lineage.

Finally, for medical marijuana users, this strain is beneficial for treating anxiety, sleeplessness, and depression. It’s also used to alleviate inflammation, nausea, headaches and other ailments such as mood disorders and chronic pain.

CBD Level

The CBD content in the strain will have a significant influence on the strain’s effects. The lower the CBD level, the more likely you are to experience a psychoactive effect when you smoke it. This is one to try if you’re searching for a strain that won’t make you feel high but still tastes fantastic. The Greasy Pink is a sativa-dominant hybrid that has a fruity, sweet flavor with an earthy undertone. It’s strong and sedative, and it helps people relax. This strain is great for those who suffer from anxiety or other anxiety issues. It’s also wonderful for insomniacs since you may get greasy pink kush at the same time.

The History Of Greasy Pink

It’s a type of cannabis from the Mazar-i-Sharif region. It was developed by the Dutch breeder Breda de Ruiter in 2001. It consists of Afghan, Moroccan, and Thai original marijuana strains as well as Afghani hashish. Said to have a strong high that doesn’t make you drowsy but will cause your eyes to water.


This is a fruity, earthy strain of marijuana. It was produced in the Netherlands by three Dutchmen and became famous after winning the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1998. Because to its mental and physical effects, it’s primarily used for recreational purposes.


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