Ghost Train Tang *Sativa*

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Angel Spit is a delectable indica-dominant hybrid strain crafted by crossing the iconic strains of OG Kush and Blackberry . With such distinguished parents, Angel Spit promises to provide an heavenly taste as well as an ideal evening body high that will leave you feeling relaxed. The flavor profile of this exquisite strain tastes similar to freshly picked blackberries with undertones of pines, offering up earthy and wooden scents when combusted. Angel Spit will tantalize your taste buds before providing a warm and creative euphoric boost – lifting your spirits to the heavens! This buzzy high quickly melts away, lulling you into divine relaxation with its sedative effects. Be warned though; this powerful strain should be consumed during evening hours as it has been known to cause sleepiness throughout the day if used too soon. Angel Spit is the ideal option for those looking to treat conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, depression and stress or anxiety due to its high 19% average THC level. When you observe it closely, Angel Spit buds boast piecey round forest green nugs with sparse light orange hairs coverings alongside a thin layer of tiny light amber crystal trichomes that accentuates all the above mentioned benefits!

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