Garlic Sherbert Five Star Organic LSO Exotic *Sativa*

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The flavor of Garlic Sherbert is certainly that of a dessert. However, since it is the name of a cannabis strain, it must indicate that this pungent hybrid has a punch. Because Garlic Sherbert’s THC levels are known to be around 28%, this presumption is correct. Garlic Sherbert was created by crossing Blue Sherbert with GMO, also known as Garlic Cookies, which leans somewhat towards the Indica side. You can buy Garlic Sherbert Five Star Organic LSO Exotic *Sativa* at our online store.

The Garlic Sherbert buds are encased in long, curling purple and green leaves. Because they’re hidden by a fine layer of short, yellow-trichome hairs, it’s difficult to notice them. The fuzzy amber patches and lengthy orange pistils that you can see account for the majority of what you can observe.

The scent of this bud is chemical, with gassy undertones, and it has scents of garlic and onion. Even more so when combusted, a sweet berry-musk flavor can be detected, as well as a strange garlicky aftertaste.

Users described feeling “charged up” after ingesting the potent Indica strain, with one person remarking that it seemed to charge their battery. Some users reported being calm yet concentrated as a consequence of this powerful Indica strain. Despite the high THC concentration, users felt that despite their discomfort and worry being significantly reduced, they were still able to be productive and focus. Garlic Sherbert’s relaxing qualities may help medical patients with ADHD, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), chronic pain, anxiety, or depression. After what was characterized as a clear-headed euphoria, most people reported experiencing a surprisingly gentle decrease in cruising altitude. Garlic Sherbert is a versatile hybrid that may be used in the morning or evening, according to some consumers. It has been reported to cause an increase in hunger and deeper sleep, making it useful as either a morning or evening tea.

Garlic Sherbert has been spotted at dispensaries all over the United States, and seeds can be obtained from In House Genetics. Many users seem to believe that this potent strain provides soothing therapeutic advantages without the immobilizing couch-lock associated with many Indicas.

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