Creamy Pink *Indica*

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Creamy Pink is a mostly indica strain that is a unique kind of Sunset Sherbet. It’s a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties, an indica-dominant hybrid. The fragrance of Creamy Pink is strong and fruity, as well as completely sedative. Its THC levels have been evaluated at between 18% and 27 percent.

Flowers of Creamy Pink may be unassuming. The buds are tiny to medium in size and cling together in tight, popcorn-like groups after being trimmed. The buds have a strongly indica structure, with a solid core and densely packed leaves. Leaves are a dingy mossy green that are streaked with curly orange and yellow hairs (which are actually pistils, reproductive structures designed to catch pollen). A sprinkling of translucent, sticky trichomes completes the look of Creamy Pink flowers.

Creamy Pink’s fragrance, when properly cured, is quite fruity, like berries and grape. Fresh pine may be detected a little closer. Meanwhile, grinding or breaking apart these tiny flowers releases a dank Kushy aroma with hashes and spices. When Creamy Pink is smoked, it offers off a smooth, light smoke that may readily be ingested on the exhale. This smoke has hints of fruitiness and florality on the exhale.

Before long, Creamy Pink’s effects begin to manifest themselves. After 15 minutes, the psychoactive effects of Creamy Pink begin to emerge. Smokers may subsequently detect an increase in their pulse around their lower foreheads and temples, which is known as a tick. Following these strange tics are various sensory changes, with many users reporting visual or auditory abnormalities; time dilation is also possible. Consumers who want to enhance this psychedelic atmosphere may do so by listening to moody music or creating a spectacular lighting scheme. The trippy vibe of Creamy Pink might also be a lot of fun while relaxing outside – for example, watching the sunset. Aside from these earth-related effects, the strain has little impact on mental processes.

Creamy Pink’s full range of physical qualities becomes evident after about an hour (or sooner if the dosage is increased). A tingly sensation may run down the spine and spread outwards through the core and limbs, producing a heavy, drowsy feeling. Smokers who were active or out and about might end up seeking refuge on the nearest sofa. Some users may develop a drowsy, numbing sensation after smoking the strain. The inebriating effects of Creamy Pink can be quite powerful, making it difficult for non-users to perform basic tasks like walking or cleaning. Its sedative qualities can pin smokers in place and make them unwilling or unable to engage in more socializing or start a lengthy binge-watching session as it begins to fall asleep. Creamy Pink is best consumed late in the day or early evening because of its sluggish decline into sleepiness.

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