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Holy Smoke Seeds developed the Banana Pound Cake Strain marijuana strain, which is a 50/50 combination of indica and sativa. It’s called for its extremely delicious flavor, and it’s made up of Purple Kush x Vietnamese Black genes. The Banana Pound Cake Strain is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) created by Holy Smoke Seeds breeders. It’s a cross between Purple Kush and Vietnamese Black, and its name comes from its delicious taste.

Unfortunately, Banana Pound Cake Strain’s potency is a secret that Holy Smokes wants to keep. It has a THC concentration of between 19 and 23 percent, which is quite high. Banana Pound Cake Strain offers powerful initial sativa effects as well as a relaxing comedown. You will not necessarily be infused with lots of energy regardless of the name on this strain. This strain is wonderful for smoking at social gatherings or while watching TV with your buddies on the couch. The Banana Pound Cake Strain’s high is both physical and mental. When the indica effects begin to wear off, make good use of the sativa characteristics while you still have them.

Unfortunately, the THC content of Banana Pound Cake Strain (Holy Smoke Seeds) has not been revealed. While many people believe it to be quite powerful, with levels of 23% to 25%, this has not been confirmed. There is no evidence that CBD is present in Banana Pound Cake Strain. However, it appears that there are just traces of it there.

Banana Pound Cake Strain is a powerful strain when it comes to medical marijuana. For those who suffer from recurrent pessimistic thoughts and frequently feel down, this plant will quickly lift your spirits. After only a few hits, you’ll start to notice an improvement in your mood and intellectual processes. Once the joyful essence of Banana Pound Cake Strain has taken hold, there is no room for sadness or worry. You may experience physical discomfort melt away in some cases as a result of this euphoria. Banana Pound Cake Strain may also assist with sleeplessness management after the uplifting start. This strain’s long-lasting effects are tingly and warm in nature, suggesting that it’s ideal for addressing bodily pains and aches.


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