Backwoods Honey bourbon

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The Honey Bourbon Backwoods cigars are miniature, handcrafted machine tobacco cigarettes with a sweet honey taste and a pleasant warmth of bourbon. This little cigar has a nice flavor due to its rich, creamy taste and distinctive scent. You can buy Honey Bourbon Backwoods Cigars at our online store.

Backwoods Honey Bourbon Cigarillos are a limited edition cigarillo from Honeybunth Tobacco, featuring a blend of 100% natural tobaccos infused with honey and real Kentucky Bourbon, and wrapped in a light Connecticut Broadleaf for a distinctive smoking experience. These cigarillos are individually sealed in foil pouches to ensure their freshness. Backwoods Honey Bourbon Cigarillos are ideal for any occasion.

Honey Bourbon Backwoods has a distinctive flavor and silky, smooth texture that is difficult to describe. It features notes of caramel and Belgian chocolate with a lingering aftertaste.

The Backwoods Honey Bourbon Cigars are a fantastic late-night smoke or a great anytime cigar. Simply puff away and unwind as the waves of peace wash over you.


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