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how to make shatter 8 How To Make Shatter

How To Make Shatter

You know, for the longest time, cannabis has been illegal in Canada. You may have heard of shatter before. Maybe you’ve even smoked it yourself. If you have, you’re familiar with how fantastic it is. But, exactly, how do you make shatter? There are a number of various ways to remove resinous trichomes from cannabis plant material, but for simplicity’s sake, we’ll concentrate on the popular “BHO” (butane hash oil) technique (althoughane hash oil).

What is Shatter?

Shatter is a cannabis concentrate that has a hard, glass-like texture and shatters when broken down. It’s usually gold or amber in hue. Although shatter is more potent and pure than other extracts, this isn’t always the case; rather, its appearance is determined by the extract’s molecules being less agitated during production.

Shatter is usually dabbed, a style of intake that entails rapid vaporization off of a specialized water pipe called a dab rig. This glassy extract has a bad reputation for being strong, although its strength varies based on the chemical makeup of the plant’s source and the extraction methods and tools utilized. While cannabis flower has a high watermark of around 30% THC, shatter extracts might be as much as 80 percent to 90 percent THC.

how to make shatter How To Make Shatter

Concentrate extraction methods

The techniques for extracting cannabis are numerous, however they generally fall into two categories: solvent-based and solventless concentrates extraction processes. Solvent-based extraction methods utilize solvents such as butane, propane, carbon dioxide (CO2), and ethanol to dissolve the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant material.

The elimination of harsh solvents makes solventless extraction possible. Solventless extraction methods use sifting techniques with fine mesh screens or heat and pressure from a pressing machine to extract trichome resin from the plant instead of employing strong chemicals. Rosin, bubble hash, kief, and hash can all be produced using solventless extraction procedures.

However, because butane and propane can quickly and efficiently eliminate the active components in marijuana plants, they are the most frequent solvent types utilized to make high-quality shatter. Butane and propane are also capable of producing a wide range of concentrate consistencies.

We’ll go over everything you need to know about butane solvent extraction as a method to extract BHO. Keep in mind that the BHO technique is dangerous. Making shatter inside is a bad idea, and it has a high potential of causing your home to collapse. However, if proper precautions are taken, making BHO may be done safely.

how to make shatter 6 How To Make Shatter

What you will need

The first step to making shatter is to gather your supplies. You’ll need:

  1. an ounce of uncut marijuana
  2. an “extraction tube”
  3. at least one butane canister
  4. a coffee filter
  5. an electric range and double boiler
  6. a Pyrex dish to collect the shatter
  7. strips of parchment paper
  8. single-edged razor blades

How to make shatter

All of your required materials should be at the ready. Grind your marijuana and let it sit for a few minutes. It should be dry, not overly fresh. You’ll get about 3.5 grams of shatter if you pack an ounce into the extractor and spray it with a full 12-ounce canister of butane. The amount of concentrate you make will vary depending on how saturated with crystals the buds are; some BHO extractors achieve yields as high as 20%.

Step 1. Fill the extractor with ground marijuana

Fill the extractor with pot to continue producing shatter. Most head shops sell “honey oil” extractors, but you may also make your own. Make sure the marijuana is tightly packed, but not so tight that there are air pockets. You don’t want any air pockets, but you do want all of the butane to soak into the cannabis.

Step 2. Saturate marijuana with butane

One end of the extractor should have a tiny hole, while the other should have a cap with numerous holes and an internal filter. Coffee filters are another option for DIY concentrate makers. Carefully and slowly feed the butane through the top aperture until the canister is empty, then remove it from your Pyrex container. A thick green-gray-brown oil should flow down from the bottom openings into your glass container.

If you want to learn how to make cannabis wax without damaging your home at the same time, pay attention. This step is critical: Spray the butane as far as possible from any structures, vehicles, or other sources of ignition outside. Even a little hidden pilot light could cause an explosion, and you don’t want that.

Step 3. Evaporate off the butane

The following step in making shatter may be quite hazardous. Fill a double boiler halfway with water and place it on a hot electric cooktop. Make sure it’s electric: Use a gas stove and you’ll set something on fire. Place the Pyrex container in the top section of the boiler and allow the liquid to evaporate gradually. This removes butane gradually, leaving you with genuine shatter.

When you make shatter, it’s critical to ensure that all of the solvent has boiled away; otherwise, you risk smoking a substance still tainted by butane, which is bad for your lungs and potentially dangerous. When the shatter no longer bubbles, you’ll know the process is finished.

Step 4. Purge remaining butane

You’re left with a thick, amber shatter with traces of butane at this point, and many people believe the solvent must be eliminated further before consumption. This may be accomplished using a pressurized vac pump, as our grower does it.

“We vacuum out any remaining liquid butane with a suction pump that evacuates at 3 cfm. This is done using a one-stage vac pump (don’t waste your time with two-stage units). Inside the chamber, the BHO is put in a thin layer on a glass dish and the air and butane are evacuated through the pump. To prevent burning off the oil, it’s vital to have a thermometer to show you the temperature inside the chamber.

After the vacuum purge, you’ll be left with a pure, flavorful cannabis oil that has virtually no traces of butane.

Step 5. Scrape and store

Finally, use a razor blade to scrape the concentrated extracts off the bottom of the container and set it on parchment paper to cool. You may require more than one razor scraper to remove your full-extract cannabis oil from the container because they can become excessively sticky.

That is how to manufacture THC wax. All that’s left now is to smoke it!

how to make shatter 9 How To Make Shatter

How to consume shatter

Shatter can be consumed in a variety of ways. Shatter is frequently dabbed using a dab rig, which is one of the most popular methods to consume it. You add a tiny quantity of concentrate to a hot nail and inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece of a dab rig when dabbing.

A dab rig, a quartz nail, a dabber to break down the shatter, and a carb cap are all you’ll need to get started. For heating the nail, you’ll either need a torch or an eNail. Why not include some terp pearls and quartz inserts for good measure?

Dabs can also be consumed without the use of a rig. Shatter may be taken in a portable vape pen, which has been developed especially for dabs.

Shatter, like any other concentrate, can also be consumed in a variety of ways. If you first infuse it into butter or oil, you may add shatter to any edible or meal. However, cooking shatter exposes the concentrate to high temperatures, which might lead to the loss of some terpenes.

Finally, you may top your bowl with shards or place them within a joint. Keep in mind that these methods will damage the flavor of your shatter. On the plus side, you gain an increased potency to your flower strain by using this technique.

What Does CBD Shatter Do to You?

CBd shatter is a specific form of cannabis that only contains cannabidiol. It doesn’t contain any THC, so you won’t get high. It’s designed for people who want to utilize CBD‘s established medical advantages, such as neurodegenerative healing, pain alleviation, and inflammation reduction, while avoiding the highs associated with marijuana. People adore this sort of shatter drug because it allows them to chill out and unwind while still receiving some anxiety relief.

If you choose the correct CBD shatter, it should have no THC content.

Another advantage of this product is that you may use it with any other essential oils and herbs to enhance the taste. The following are some of the advantages of CBD shatter usage:

  • Delivers fast relief: CBD may work better than THC in certain medical circumstances, according to research. Inhaling marijuana products via a vaporizer or an oil rig gives you the quickest available relief.
  • Great for daytime use: CBD shatter, when taken sublingually, can provide a happy experience that is useful during the day. It helps you be more focused while working on tasks, chores, and other stressful situations.
  • You get the perfect dose every time: You merely fill an oil rig, a joint, or a vape pen with a scoop of the shatter. It’s entirely dependent on you how much you want to use.

CBD has been shown in studies to be an effective antidepressant and anxiolytic. The most efficient form of relief is achieved by inhaling CBD through a vaporizer or an oil rig. Cannabinoids are absorbed via the lungs and delivered directly to the circulation when they are inhaled. They go straight to the brain because they have immediate access. Thus, CBD’s anti-anxiety and relaxing effects can be provided, many times in a matter of minutes. That is precisely what makes this new wax so unique.

CBD shatter is one of the cleanest and purest cannabis products, with 97% pure hemp extract. CBD shatter, along with waxes and oils, is believed to be the most effective for its soothing and relaxing qualities.

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