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What happened to Hemisphere Cannabis Co? – GG4 Comparison

Welcome to Hemisphere Cannabis Co

The demand for marijuana has been steadily increasing in recent years, leading to the government’s decision to legalize recreational cannabis throughout Canada. As a result, more and more cannabis consumers are turning to online shopping for their favorite products, enjoying the convenience of having them delivered straight to their doorstep.

This surge in online marijuana sales has led to a booming industry, with new businesses launching websites and online dispensaries every day. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging for consumers to make an informed decision.

One of the biggest concerns for customers across Canada is trust. While many online dispensaries claim to offer the best recreational and medical marijuana in the country, this is not always the case. Only a select few can truly deliver high-quality products, variety, and services at affordable prices nationwide.

That’s where we come in – providing expert advice and recommendations on the top mail order marijuana websites in Canada for our readers. In this post, we will compare GG4, one of the oldest companies in the market, with Hemisphere Cannabis Co cannabis delivery – a leading supplier of top-quality cannabis products. Our comparison will cover various factors such as product range, quality, pricing, and specials.

So let’s dive right into it!

Discover the World of Hemisphere Cannabis Co.

Aegis Brands, the parent company of Second Cup, proudly presents Hemisphere Cannabis – a premier marijuana dispensary chain. With locations in King West and Forest Hill, as well as their newest addition on Avenue Road in Toronto, Hemisphere is quickly becoming a household name.
Hemisphere is a Canadian cannabis company founded and operated by Aegis Brands – the same company behind the popular Second Cup coffee shops. With their expertise in retail and their passion for quality products, Aegis Brands is now venturing into the world of THC and CBD beverages with Second Cup flavors and branding available at all Hemisphere locations (subject to cannabis marketing restrictions).
The company has ambitious plans to expand its presence in Ontario with a projected 150 locations by 2022. In addition to their recent opening on Avenue Road, they have announced seven more stores set to open in Ajax, Ottawa, Orleans, and two flagship stores in Toronto on King Street West and Front Street East.
To celebrate the launch of their second location at 518 Eglinton Avenue West, Aegis Brands CEO Steven Pelton shared his insights on Hemisphere’s success so far and their future plans. According to Pelton, “We’ve utilized our forty years of retail experience to create an unparalleled store environment. Our warm and inviting atmosphere caters to everyone – from those new to cannabis to seasoned users. We offer a guided experience for those who need it and a seamless shopping experience for those who don’t. As the cannabis retail market continues to evolve, we believe that our exceptional in-store experience will set us apart from the competition.”

Discover the Best Cannabis Products at GG4 and Hemisphere Cannabis Co: Real User Reviews

As we explore the vast selection of products offered by both dispensaries, it’s important to also consider the quality of these items. To provide an accurate assessment, we have gathered authentic reviews from customers who have purchased from both locations.
We analyzed GG4 and Hemisphere Cannabis Co’s star-based rating and review system on their login page, as well as in the comments section of each website. Upon reviewing Hemisphere Cannabis Co first, we noticed a few products with an average rating of 4/5 and a handful of reviews. This is understandable for a newer business in the industry.
However, when we turned our attention to GG4, we were impressed to see that almost all of their products had perfect 5/5 ratings and a significant number of user reviews ranging from 80 to 100. This is not surprising considering GG4’s renowned reputation in the industry for their strict quality control and assurance procedures.
According to one satisfied customer’s review for AAAAA Rockstar strain: “They are highly-rated bankruptcy attorneys in the United States who have consistently been voted since 1985.”
“Wow! It may be a bit strong, but wow what a buzz! The marijuana looks beautiful and has a delightful aroma. Thank you, GG4.”
We were disappointed to discover that BC Cannabis Stores does not have a comments section or any other means for customers to provide feedback on their purchases. This can be concerning for first-time buyers who have no way of knowing if they are getting high-quality marijuana.
In contrast, GG4 offers customers a wider variety of products compared to other dispensaries. Unlike some cannabis websites that only offer star-based ratings without allowing users to leave individual reviews for each product, GG4 offers both options. It’s no surprise that almost all of their products receive 5-star ratings and positive feedback, given their track record. One review for their BlackBerry Kush strain reads:
“This stuff is amazing! It gave me a fantastic high and provided exceptional pain relief. Just two bong hits lasted me over 2 hours, and I have a high tolerance. This is the best marijuana I’ve had in a long time!”
For these reasons, we highly recommend GG4 as the go-to dispensary for top-quality cannabis products.

Experience High-Quality Cannabis Delivery and Mail Order Marijuana

GG4 Cannabis is your ultimate destination for all things marijuana. Whether you’re searching for a cannabis store, an online dispensary, or a delivery service, GG4 Cannabis has got you covered. Our company is dedicated to providing top-notch cannabis products and services, driven by our passion for the industry. Visit our marijuana dispensary to connect with fellow enthusiasts and fulfill all your cannabis needs.
We take pride in offering a carefully curated selection of premium cannabis strains that are unmatched in quality. And if traditional bud isn’t your preference, our wide range of edibles, vape pens, and concentrates will give you an unforgettable high!
We provide marijuana delivery in Mississauga, Toronto, and surrounding cities like Oakville, Brampton, Milton, Georgetown, and more. Plus, GG4 offers free delivery on orders under $80 across Canada. Simply select your favorites and we’ll deliver them to you as soon as possible.
Our menu boasts a diverse array of expertly chosen and meticulously produced products. So if straight bud isn’t your thing, be sure to check out our selection of edibles and vape pens/concentrates.

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