Winter Berry Strain

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Winter Berry Strain is a popular hybrid strain that dates back to the Netherlands and has a wonderful taste and a strong high. It’s an indica-dominant mix with 65/35 percentages, making it ideal for getting a subtle energy boost or alleviating tension from a difficult day.

One of the best things about Winter Berry is that it isn’t overpowering since to its 18% THC level on average. It’s occasionally higher, approaching 22%, but overall it’s low enough for newer users to handle and not get sick. The nuggets of this strain are rather beautiful, with a blue tinge to them and a thick covering of frosty trichomes over the tiny buds. It has a strong, sweet berry fragrance that translates well to your tongue when smoked mildly acidic. A little sourness can be detected when smoking, as well as earthy notes that become more apparent while exhaling.

Barry Winter’s voice reaches far into the past, with legendary force. Ganja growers decided to mimic his enormous depth by developing a hefty-hitting indica known as Winter Berry. This 75% indica and 25% sativa hybrid is derived from Winter Widow and Blueberry genetics.

After winning the Cannabis Cup in 1995, the successful Winter Berry genetics, created in the Oregon mountains, have become quite well-known. In 2013, Winter Berry won the first prize at Canada’s Treating Yourself Medical Cannabis Cup and Spain’s Bio Menor Cannabis Festival. The voice of Winter Berry is a topic for debate.

The tastes are distinct. The Blueberry parent carried on the berry scents, while Winter Widow is essentially a very earthy and woody strain. The combination can evoke memories of northern forests populated with pine trees and ripe blueberries for the user. Although Winter Berry is an indica-dominant variety, experienced highs can be quite euphoric.


The scent of Blueberry Winter is a complex blend of blueberries, earthy aromas, and sweet and sour notes.


The flavor of Blue Winter is a bold combination of sweet blueberries, with peppers and woody notes.


Strawberry Winter is a medium-sized cannabis plant with large blueish-colored buds. The buds of certain plants may even turn purple. Berry Winters are famous for their thick layer of crystals, which have a brilliant orange pistils that grow prominently around the leaves.

Berry Winter Strain Grow Info

The Berry Winter strain is widely regarded as a simple one to produce for a variety of reasons. For starters, it is known to be highly resistant to mold and mildew; therefore, humidity levels are not nearly as much of an issue for indoor growers.

Second, berry winter thrives on little to no care, making it a low-maintenance plant in terms of feeding.

A berry winter plant is compact and doesn’t require much trimming to keep it in check. Training the plant and removing the lower foliage, on the other hand, will give more energy to the buds and improve overall yield.


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