Purple Yeti Strain

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This powerful strain has THC levels of around 20%, but it’s what makes it a go-getter like nothing else: it contains 3% or more CBD. This results in an ultra relaxing experience with a moderately heady high to go with it. The sweet, creamy flavor is overwhelming, and the nugs give off a fantastic grassy aroma that is only marred by its magnificent creamy tastes. The orange hairs and thick covering of glittering trichomes compliment the rich green hue nicely.

This strain is great for medicinal users since it has a sedative effect, making it ideal for treating chronic pain and headaches while also providing the breath of fresh air that patients desire. Try this bud an hour before bedtime to treat insomnia. Try this in a reduced dose if you’re suffering from mood disorders such as depression or stress. Novice users should beware, because this strain is best used by experienced smokers due to its inclination to flee from them. Although the effects are not as strong as the name implies, they are still quite powerful.


The scent of Purple Yeti is quickly recognized after smelling it, with a strong fruity smell that resembles Skittles, the popular sweet candy, which hits your nose.

The scent of Purple Yeti is like opening a pack of Skittles and sticking your nose inside, allowing all of the fruity scents to assault your sinuses at once and overpower you with a powerful, candied, fruity fragrance.

The aroma from the bowl of Grinding Purple Yeti is sour, similar to that of ripping open a bag of sour Skittles. These sour notes combine with the powerful fruity scent that pervades the area, forming a sweet-sour tang that you could almost consume rather than smoke.


Breathing in Purple Yeti’s smoke has been compared to tasting a rainbow. Your taste buds are jolted with a potent combination of grape, lemon, and berry when you breathe in Purple Yeti’s smoke. The flavor becomes more powerful as you breathe deeply and enjoy the beauty of the rainbow.

When you exhale, you’re left with a fruity twist in your mouth, with strong notes of grape that come from Purple Yeti’s parent strain Grape Ape. Expect to feel like your mouth is overcome with a rainbow for a long time after smoking Purple Yeti, as the flavor sticks around for quite some time after your last exhalation.


The ‘Purple Yeti’ buds are densely packed and resemble the structure of an Indica strain rather than a hybrid of this type. The buds are beautiful due to their diverse color palette, which features light green hues tinted with purple tones. The buds are even more distinctive thanks to the dense white trichomes that cover them and descend down the stalks, giving your marijuana plant a constantly fuzzy appearance.

The leaves of the Purple Yeti are tiny and delicate, just like its buds, which are similarly covered in thick white trichomes. This gives the leaves a silky feel that isn’t usually seen on plants of a similar strain.


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