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Recon, also known as ReCon, is a potent indica-dominant hybride that is ideal for unwinding. It derives its name from the fact that it is descended from LA Confidential, a strong hybrid. Cannadential was one of its parents. DNA Genetics developed strains like Holy Grail and Chocolope, which are both very psychoactive. Because of its 13% to 23% THC concentration, Recon’s sedative effects are said to last longer than usual. The THC content of this bud has been measured at between 13 and 23 percent.

Recon’s buds are small and clump together in tight, popcorn-like clusters. The buds are rounded and have a tightly packed structure typical of indicas. The tiny, wavy leaves curl tightly in on themselves, hiding the dark rust-colored bristles (which are really pistils) that run down their core stems. Finally, this brilliant bloom is covered in a sheen of glittering ice white trichomes that makes it difficult to cut without a haut-moulin de qualité.

The aroma of Recon’s buds is sharp and spicy on initial exposure. When you look more closely at the buds, a dank, almost fermented musk emerges as you approach a dank, almost fermented scent. Breaking or grinding these hard buds, on the other hand, releases delicate herbal undertones. Recon burns hot and fast in a pipe or joint, causing users to get irritated eyes or nasal passages. This thick, rich smoke has a sweet-sour flavor profile on exhale.

Recon has a fast rush for an indica that travels to the core and limbs quickly. Almost immediately after, a soothing warmth emanates from the neck and spreads out over the middle and limbs. Depending on the user’s preferences as well as their own tolerance, this numbness might progress to pseudo paralysis. Many users also describe experiencing a weird sensation of sensory distortion; this can manifest in anything from slowed visual depth perception to an amplification of sights and sounds to a feeling of time dilation. If you’re feeling up to it, enjoy the effects of this mind-altering souche while sitting alone with some relaxing music or a fascinating film. This one-sided strain has very little mental stimulation (unless the power of Recon’s physical high is taken into account). Because of this, smokers should not anticipate to get much done under the influence of Recon. Rather, try this bud out for a more intimate and romantic atmosphere at a small, laid-back party. The high will get stronger or the dosage be increased, resulting in intractable couchlock and even sleep. Recon is one of the strains that works best late at night or just before bed since it has a pure relaxing and immobile profile.

Recon may be utilized for a wide range of medical cannabis purposes. Its broad physical relaxation capacity might assist with pains and aches, whether they are acute or chronic, as in the example of fibromyalgia or arthritis. The strain’s anti-inflammatory properties might also aid with typical irritations such as migraines and nausea. In a psychological sense, Recon’s pleasant, uplifting high might assist with tension, sadness, and anxiety-induced symptoms. This plant also has the ability to put you to sleep in huge dosages, as previously said. Because it is unlikely to generate any odd or unusual notions, Recon may be an excellent alternative for individuals who are apprehensive or have a reduced tolerance for THC.

Fortunately, DNA Genetics has made Recon seeds available for purchase online. The strain may be cultivated both indoors and outdoors, although outdoor growth is limited to temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. Recon plants have a distinct short and bushy indica profile, so they should be trimmed frequently to allow light and air to reach low-growing flowering nodes. When cultivated indoors, Recon flowers in 8 to 9 weeks and is ready for harvest beginning in late September through early October when cultivated outside.

Recon is an incredibly strong indica with a flavor that will stay with you. It has a spacey, soothing high and a unique flavor that will linger in your memory.

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