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Mango Sapphire is a hybride souche of cannabis that is Indica-dominant. The prestigious Humboldt Seed Organization was the first to cultivate this gorgeous plant in California. This collective works with Emerald Triangle’s top and brightest growers to collectivize their cultivation efforts. By providing these private and unique producers the chance to sell their strains and seeds under the Mango Sapphire label to a global audience. The Mango Sapphire is a three-way cross between an OG Kush chop, an Afghan landrace chop, and Bubba’s Gift. This experimental crossing resulted in a potent plant with THC levels that fluctuate between 21 and 23 percent.

The Mango Sapphire buds are quite hard to the touch, which is why the plant is recognized for being a heavy producer. Indoor yields of these plants have been reported to be between 400 and 600 grams per square meter of plant. These neon green buds feature deep purple highlights and burnt orange locks. They’re coated in a thick layer of milky white trichomes that give them a snow-like sheen. The surface is also covered in a sticky resin film that will surely get your hands and grinder dirty.

The scent of these buds is light and pleasant, occasionally described as a blend of exotic citrus, sour herbs, and musty earth. The flavor is similar, so you’ll be continuously ordering more.

Although the scent and flavor are light and airy, this strain’s haut feels heavy and dirty on the body. Like any Indica-dominant hybrid deserving of its reputation, Mango Sapphire creates a powerful bodily high that will relax even the most stressed among us. After just a few hits, you’ll experience an uplifting and creative head high that will keep you focused and engaged.

This time, it’s not a drug-induced euphoria that will have you forgetting what came before and worrying about your next fix. Fortunately, the influence lasts long enough to get back to a comfortable position and watch your favorite program before the body high sets in. This effet rapidly becomes sedative, leaving most people in a blissful state of comfort that is near-impossible to escape from. The munchies are the one thing that might cause you to get up from the sofa before you’ve had a chance to sober up, as Mango Sapphire will make your stomach rumble and send you searching for sweet and salty delicacies in the pantry.

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