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le souche of marijuana known as QUAD POPCORN is a lesser-known, 100% Indica variety. This plant’s original grower and genetic history remain unknown to this day, which may contribute to its obscurity. In fact, because of its name, most customers are quick to assume that the strain is “popcorn nugs,” a term used to describe shake and less-than-desirable buds. This alone would dissuade many people from trying QUAD POPCORN. This afternoon/evening strain has a moderate THC concentration of around 16% in most harvests, but it has been known to alter somewhat.

QUAD POPCORN has deep green colas and sugar leaves, and it’s got the same physical features as a popcorn kernel that’s been popped. They’re frequently shaped like a popcorn kernel and are packed with fluffy green colas and sugar leaves. Thick brown pistils cover the outside of the bud, while an off-white trichomes cover the surface of the flower. The best thing we have to help group it into a family of cannabis is the scent of this flower, which smells strongly like berries, cheese, and fruit. The flavor is particularly distinct because it includes strong scents such as buttered popcorn, grapefruit, blue cheese, and even blueberries!

le haut from QUAD POPCORN, while powerful, is short-lived. Although the effects of a session with QUAD POPCORN are quick to manifest and fleeting, they can be prolonged somewhat. As a result, QUAD POPCORN serves as an excellent stepping stone into the world of more potent marijuana strains since the high won’t endure long if it turns out to be something you don’t enjoy. The soothing body buzz will cause you to desire a nice chair to relax in. Although it won’t quite lock you, as it would need to be active for hours to keep you glued to the sofa, its effects are quite strong and have been documented to make some dizzy while standing. The strain relieves physical problems by allowing your mind to expand somewhat, giving you the freedom of expression that comes with being free from restrictions. QUAD POPCORN has been used to treat the negative effects of chronic pain, stress, nausea, sadness, eating issues, and wasting disorders. If you’re someone who battles with insomnia’s restless energy, the soothing body effects are a major benefit.



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